Complete Step by Step Guide To Make Money From Blogging With Pritam Datta

Make Money From Blogging
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This topic is very close to my heart. Because I am in this blogging field for the last five years & I will try to share all my blogging knowledge in this complete article. So, this article will be a complete step-by-step article to make money from blogging. In this article, I will try to touch each & every aspect of starting a blog to make your living through the blog for beginners. This article can be lengthy because I will touch every aspect of blogging & if you are serious about blogging, you should read the complete article without diverting your mind. If you can understand the real meaning of blogging, then only you should come into this field, or if you think that you will come into this field only to make instant money from blogging, then as per my more than five years of experience, you should stay away from this field. Also, it will be better to know that if you are coming into the blogging field for making your career, don’t think that you have only one option to make money from blogging only. There are lots of ways to make money through the blogging field. Below is the list of ways to make money blogging.

Different ways to Make Money From Blogging
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Like in our investment journey, if you are purchasing any stock or investing in any mutual fund, you should consider your investment plan for the long term. In blogging, the same rule is applied. If you are coming to make some instant money, maybe you will be able to make money from blogging through some Black Hat SEO method, but you will be punished by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing in the long run. And if in your blogging journey, you cannot make love with search engines like Google; then your blogging journey will drastically fail. If you still do not understand why I am sharing this type of comment, it will be good to read the complete article carefully.

So, Today we are discussing how you can start your blog & make money from blogging even when you are sleeping. We will also touch on how you can create a brand identity for yourself & your blog.

If you want to know my personal experience with Blogging & How I entered the blogging world, you should read the About article. In the about section of our TimesifIndustry page, you will understand what mistakes I have made during these years in the blogging & what you should do & what you should avoid to be successful in blogging & this will help you to decide on How to start a blog.

Table of Contents

Skills You Need To Make Money From Blogging:

In every article, we try to motivate you guys to develop your skills first if you want to become a crorepati. Without proper skill, this will be very hard for you to survive in the long run. We have already covered what skills you need to enter into the blogging world in this article.

After the skill set, we will go through every step you have to follow to start your blog.

Buy a Domain:

First thing first, Always remember, the domain name is a thing that will be your brand name in front of the world. The domain name is what everyone will remember to search on the internet to find you & your website. So, before choosing a domain name, you should have spent some time to think which will be your best domain name.

Things To Remember Before Registering Your Domain Address:

#1 – Domain should be unique to come in the first position when anyone searches your domain name in search engines like Google & Yahoo.

#2 – You may include your main niche keyword in the domain that may give you some preference to rank high in search results, but there is no specific written confirmation. To confirm, you can check what Google’s John Mueller has said on the topic.

remember before buying domain

#3 – Also, you are making any product review website or affiliate website. You can include your LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords, but also you can check what Google’s John Mueller has said on the topic.

Before choosing any domain name, if you choose any keywords or LSI keywords in your domain name, that will not harm you at all. You can go ahead with what you are thinking to include in your domain name. Just check the uniqueness of the domain name.

#4 – You can check your domain name available or not on the internet. You can check any domain register, Like Google Domains, Godaddy, Namecheap, etc., to check available domains. If your domain is not available with a top-level TLD like .com, you can go ahead with any other TLDs. Google gave the same attention to all types of domains. But if you can buy .com or .org types of TLDs, it looks more professional to the readers.

Check out this video from Google Small Business about Google Domains.

Once you have decided what domain you want to buy, do not wait further & register it as soon as possible, even you are going to make your blog sometime later. You can always keep that domain on your domain registers account. Otherwise, your domain may be booked by someone else & you will lose the chance to book the domain at the introductory price.

If you want to buy a domain already registered by someone else, it’s also possible. You have to pay more than the necessary price to book that domain. Suppose the owner wants to sell the domain at a higher price. In that case, you can buy the domain by negotiating & paying the amount to the original owner of the domain. Also, sometimes you can see some domains with the very high price listed by the domain registers themselves.

Premium Domain Name

These types of domains are called premium domains. Then no negotiation can take place. You have to pay the premium charges to buy the domain name.

Hosting Packages:

Enough on Domain name selection & registration. Now comes the 2nd significant part of starting your blog. 2nd important part is the selection hosting package & selection CMS (Content Management System).

There are two types of CMS platforms available.

  • Free blogging platform.
  • Premium CMS platform.

Free Blogging Platform:

If you want to go with a free blogging platform, you don’t have to pay anything for the blogging platform. There are many free blogging platforms available, but the most popular one is owned by Google. Also, as per experience, Blogger is one of the best free website builder platforms from Google’s product list.

Premium CMS Platform:

If we are talking about a premium CMS platform, the most viral one is probably a WordPress website builder. But remember, if you are going for WordPress, you have to select a hosting provider as per your budget. There are lots of hosting providers out there; you check & select your hosting as per your suitability & requirements.

Choosing a Blog Theme:

This one is 3rd most important factor in starting a new blog or website. There are lots of free versions as well as paid versions themes available for Blogger and word press. However, customization is limited in free versions of the theme, wherein you can do whatever you want in premium versions.

Selection Of A Theme For Your Blog:

If I want to say in one line what type of theme you should choose for your blog or website, then I can say that SEO friendly, lightweight, fast loading, easy navigation enabled, & mobile & other devices friendly theme you can select for your blog.

It’s on you that you will go ahead with a premium or free theme. There is no such difference in SEO point of view if you select a premium theme. However, before choosing any free theme, check theme should be neat & clean. Do not use any cracked version of any premium theme. This will increase your security issues for your website.

Create Website Logo:

This is not one of the most important factors for your blog, but when you invest in all of these, I have mentioned earlier, then why not invest some to create a professional logo for your website.

Remember, this is the logo, the first thing everyone will notice after visiting your website. The logo is like a brand identity. So, you can consider a professional logo for your website is one of the important factors for your website if you are going to make your website a brand.

If you have some creativity in you, you can always make your website logo using Canva or Canva Pro. However, suppose you are ready to invest some dollars for a good looking, unique, creative logo for your website. In that case, you can visit Fiverr & hire a good logo designer & make your logo from the professionals for your website.

Important Blog Pages:

Though you are creating a blog, not a website, you can change or update your posts content anytime without limitations. Still, to look more professional & to increase your trustworthiness in Google’s eye, you should have created some pages which are not necessary to change over time. But you can always update the information. When you start your blog, then you will easily understand the basic difference between posts & pages.

Necessary Pages you should create for your blog is mentioned below.


This is one of the essential & most viewed pages of your blog. On this page, you can write about the blog & personal details of the blog. Also, you can share why you are doing blogging & what is your expertise. For a ref, you can read our ABOUT US page.

Contact Us: 

This is again one of the most important pages for your blog. Also, it’s a significant page in Google’s eye. On this page, you can share your personal contact details, like email id, contact no. Your business address, your social media profile links etc. Its not mandatory to add all the contact information, but you should have at least one correct contact detail for your readers.


It’s always better to have your portfolio website. It’s maybe a one-page website or with several pages. On your portfolio website, you can share all your personal details, your expertise, etc. You can also include the project details you are working on right now & your customer’s feedback. Of course, it’s always better to create one particular website as a portfolio website, but you can always create a portfolio page if creating a separate website is impossible.


This is also one of the most important pages in Google’s eye. If you have any special terms & conditions that apply to the readers of your blog, you can have those terms & conditions on your disclaimer page.

Privacy Policy: 

On this page, you should include privacy policy for your readers. If anyone gives you any personal details by subscribing to your blog feed or information uploaded in the contact us form, how will you maintain the users’ privacy? Also, you can include Cookies policy, returns & refund policy information, etc., as per your requirements.

Also, you can include any another pages for your blog if you think it’s essential to have.

Mandatory Tools You Need To Be Successful In Blogging:

For better understanding, I have divided the tools you require into two divisions.

  1. Offline Tools
  2. Online Tools

Offline Tools:

The essential tools you require to start & to be successful in the blogging journey.

  1. A Laptop or Desktop computer.
  2. If you are using a laptop, then an extra mouse & keyboard is preferable.
  3. Stable Internet connection.
  4. One DSLR camera for video recording (optional). You can use your inbuilt cell phone camera instead.
  5. One lapel mic for sound recording.
  6. One quality table & chair to improve your work efficiency.

Online Tools (Free or Paid):

  1. Grammarly or Grammarly premium (Preferred) for writing an article without any grammar mistake with correct punctuations. Grammarly finds out sentences written in passive voice & suggests you convert them into an active voice. Also, in the premium version, you will find a lot more options to write better English.
  2. The CMS platform & hosting are as per your choice.
  3. Learn about Google Search Console & Bing webmaster tools.
  4. Google analytics.
  5. A good video editor.
  6. A good screen captures video recording tools.
  7. A good market standard Domain Authority checker & backlinks checker tool.

Suppose you are using WordPress as your CMS platform. In that case, I can suggest some essential WordPress plugins you require to write better SEO optimized articles, Increase website loading time & for security purposes.

Essential WordPress Plugins:

Contact Form 7:

If you want to avoid putting your email address on your contact page, use this plugin, which is frequently updated and receives good reviews.

Better Click-to-Tweet: 

This is a WordPress plugin you can install in your WordPress blog. This plugin encourages readers to share your content by including a click-to-tweet box within your posts.

Hello Bar:

Want to get readers to sign up for your free newsletter? Or want to announce the release of your latest book? This plugin allows you to create a banner for the top of your blog.


One of the headaches of blogging is the plethora of spam comments. This plugin will help you reduce the number of spammers that sneak through.

Any Good Cache Plugin:

Another important plugin you should use is to increase website loading time. Caching allows your blog to load faster.

SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO or Rank Math are two industry-standard SEO Plugins; most probably every WordPress users use SEO plugin within this two plugin. This all-in-one SEO plugin helps you write SEO optimized articles to get organic traffic from search engines.

Except for these, there are lot more plugins available, which you can download & use at your convenience.

Widgets You Can Use To Give Your Blog A Better Look:

  1. Popular Posts or recent posts widget: Help you show popular or recent posts in your website’s sidebar.
  2. WP Call Button: Nowadays, every business receives lots of traffic from mobile devices. If you want to provide your readers with an option to call you directly, this widget is helpful.
  3. WP Forms: Yet another excellent widget to create a contact us form & place anywhere in the article you want.
  4. Astra Widget allows you to easily add your business location, social profile links, and an icon list to your WordPress sidebar.
  5. Google Map Widget: An easy way to put google Maps location in your website using Google Maps Widget. When a user clicks on the map, a larger map opens in a lightbox popup.
  6. Social Count Plus: By this plugin, you can show the number of followers you have indifferent.
  7. Optin Monster: OptinMonster is the best WordPress lead generation software available in the market. It allows you to convert website visitors into subscribers or customers easily.
  8. Adsanity: you can easily manage any third-party ad code with this plugin & helps you to show ads on the website as per your customization.
  9. Testimonials Rotator: You can easily show all the comments & testimonials in your blog with this widget. This is helpful to show what your readers & customers are saying about you.
  10. Google Language Translator: This widget gives your readers an option to translate your content into any language they want to translate free of cost basis. Important plugin to target different types of language speaking countries other than just English.

Backup Software:

In my opinion that this is one of the most important online tools, you can invest in during your blogging journey. UpdraftPlus helps you to back up your whole website. This is required if, somehow, if you lost any of your content or anything bad happened with your website, then you have the option to publish again all the articles you have written.

Start Building Your Email List:

Yes, I know that you have not started your blogging journey yet, or you are in the initial phase of blogging. You may think you don’t need to build your email list as you don’t have anything to share with your audience via email. But as per experience, you should start building your email list if you have taken blogging a serious option for your career. Just start collecting email ids & when you have some good readers of your blog & email list, you can start reaching out to all the members via email to either selling your products or share your recent blog post via email. This increases the trust factor between you & your readers.

For this, you can use Mailchimp for email collection & Mailchimp gives you a free email sending option up to 1000 users.

Till now, we have discussed all online & offline tools you require to start & be successful in blogging, which will generate 4 to 5 figures passive income even when you are in sleeping mode.

Writing Articles :

After all this investment, the most important factor is to writing your blog post. If you do not write good content with valuable information, no one will read your content & somehow, your investment will fail.

So, try to create a post for your blog, which is approx. Ten times better than the most amazing article available on the internet on the said subject. This is the one & only rule to rule the internet. It is also imperative to understand that you are writing for the internet, not to print the book. To be successful in blogging, you need to engage your readers so that they spent more time on your blog than your competitor’s blog. This factor is checked by google as well & it is one of the important factors to rank high in google.

You need to create very engaging posts, always use “You” phrases to speak with the reader & always elaborate the bullet points to understand your readers better. Remember that your article should be SEO friendly with feature images & other related images with proper alt tags.

Don’t just write articles at your convenience. Do not think as a writer’s mind rather think as a reader’s mind. Ultimately you are writing articles, not for yourself but your readers.

Search Engine Optimization:

Now, after doing all these steps, your blog is ready with some published articles. But most of the bloggers are doing all these steps mentioned above but cannot earn any money from their blog. And the one & only reason for that is, They are not able to write SEO optimized articles. Writing SEO optimized articles are only based on your talent & blogging experience. It is very hard to write an article that will rank on the first page of search engines like Google.

As I have promised you, we will try to cover every single aspect of Blogging to Earn money from a blog. Now, We are discussing SEO Secrets That Will Make You King of Search Engine Optimization.

Secrets That Will Make You King of SEO:

Before starting with SEO, Let me tell you what is Search Engine & How a Search Engine works. For a successful blog & website, Approx. 70 to 80% of traffic comes from search engines like Google & 20 to 30% of traffic comes from social media accounts & direct links. In general, people don’t look at the website appearing on the 2nd, 3rd pages & more. Peoples only look at search results showing on the first page &, in an exceptional case 2nd page. So, by this, you can easily understand that you want to get traffic from Search Engine then your website has to come on the first page of search engine results.

Note:- Ranked no 1 for the name of your blog is not counting. Your website has to come on the first page for the words or phrases other people search on the web.

Before going forward, please look at the recent infographics we have created to make you the king of SEO in the coming years.

Important SEO Tips Infographics

You Can always use this infographic for your website without any hesitation. We don’t encourage you to just download & upload this image for your blog post. Use this code to add this Important SEO Tips Infographic to your website.

Search Engine Results:-

The main motive of search engines like Google & Yahoo is to show good articles in their search results. That means, if you want Google to consider your article to place on their first page of results, that means your article should be relevant to the search query.

Types of Search Engine Results:

Nowadays, we can see two types of search engine results.

Natural / Organic Results:- These are the real search results that are completely relevant to the search query. And these results are coming on the first page without spending any penny anywhere.

Paid Results:- These are the results that will come on the first page for the paid basis. This is the method of how search engines are earning money. Advertisers pay money to show their website on the first page of search engine results for any particular keyword.

In this situation, Search Engine optimization, usually abbreviated as SEO, comes to notice. This is the only method to get natural/organic traffic from search engines.

How A Search Engine Works:

All search engines send “spiders” or “Robots” for crawling & finding the most relevant results to show their results. You can refer the video published by Google itself.

How SEO Is Important For Search Engines:

I already told you that SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is helping you to rank high in Search Engines. Two things matter a lot in the term SEO.

  1. Keywords
  2. Backlinks (Links to your site)

Keywords:- Keywords are the first thing that Google & any other search engine see on your site. As I already told you that Google sends Spider or Robots to crawl your website & your article for indexing your site. In the time of indexing, Google checks the keywords on which article has been written.

Do remember keywords are the very first thing you need to know to rank your website. The idea of placing your keywords in the article is mentioned below.

  1. Keywords at the beginning of the article title.
  2. Keywords in the article link.
  3. Keywords in the photos or snaps placed in the article.
  4. Keywords variation in the whole article.

Backlinks (Links to your site):

Links, or you can say backlinks tell search engines that how important your site is. For example, search Engines will always consider your site important when your site has good authority backlinks from other authority websites.

It’s time to generate backlinks for your website or backlinks for each & every article. As a thumb rule, I can say about backlinks is, The more you have backlinks, the more chances to rank your article in search engines. But before creating backlinks, you should note that Google considers backlinks coming from High DA & relevant sites.

Ideal Backlinks:

  1. Come from the relevant site (Use the same keyword as the main keyword).
  2. Come from important sites that are ranking well.
  3. Come from High DA & PA sites.
  4. Include varying link text. (Not the same link text everywhere).
  5. Come from a page that is also linking to some other good authority pages.

Safe Methods to Create High Quality Backlinks:

Building backlinks is a long term process. It would help if you did not create backlinks more & more in a short period. Google may penalize your site for spamming. To create good backlinks with a good trust factor, you can submit your links to some good authority directories.

Submit Website To The MOZ Directory:

DMOZ is a web directory of Internet resources. The directory is hierarchically arranged by subject – from broad to specific. DMOZ is maintained by community editors who evaluate sites for inclusion in the directory. They are experts, and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation.

Methods of Crafting Backlinks For Website:

To make more backlinks for your website, First of all, you have to check your competitor’s backlinks.

  1. Just make a free account at
  2. Put any website link in the search bar of SEOProfiler.
  3. This online tool will show you all the backlinks of the searched website.
  4. Now you have to apply your brain, how you also can make backlinks from those websites.

Submit Your Site To Google:

Here I am going to share a simple trick for a newly bought domains. The trick is as soon as you buy your domain name, submit it to Google even you have not posted any content on your website. There are two reasons for this which are mentioned below.

First of all new created domains or sites take a long time to indexed. Even you do everything correctly; Google sometimes takes months to index your article in their search results. So here I want to suggest to you one important thing: please do not expect your article on the first page for newly created websites even though you have done everything in a good way.

Google is taking some time to trust any blog website after recent algo updates of Google.

One more thing that some internet marketers think that Google “Sandbox‘ the newly created website for some time to check that site is genuine or not. Google does this to show authority websites and relevant articles on their search results & also to reduce spammy links to enter in the search results.

Submitting your domain to Google as soon as your registration is beneficial for you. Because Google thinks that your website has some history & when you publish an article in that blog, Google will not sandbox you & will take less time to index.

Method to Submit Newly Bought Domain in Google:

Here I want to tell you that you do not have to pay any penny to submit your website to Google & any other big search engines. You just need to visit Google Webmaster Tool, login with your gmail Id & list your website as a property. Google bots will crawl your website & make some history about your domain.

Submit Site To Other Search Engines:

There are hundreds of search engines on the internet, but you don’t have to submit your links to each & every search engine. Instead, you can just put your website link into Google & Yahoo. That’s it. Google & Yahoo are the top search engines all over the internet. If your site is indexed by Google & yahoo, then other small or medium search engines will start indexing your websites & will start showing your website in their search results.

You can easily submit your link to a yahoo search engine only click on this link. (Free Submission)

Also, you can submit your link to an MSN search engine by clicking the link mentioned here. (Free Submission).

Choose Keywords For Your Article:

As I have already shared that proper keyword selection plays a major role in ranking your website in search results, here I am sharing some online tools by which you can research your keywords for writing articles on it.

Google Keyword Planner:- Google Keyword Planner is an online tool. Using it, you can easily check which keywords have how many searches month-wise and check the competition level of the keywords in Google.

Ahrefs:- Ahrefs is one of the most amazing tools to do keyword research & to do many more SEO related works. But it is a paid tool. So you can get seven day free trial of this tool. Also there many tools available in the market. You can choose as per your convenient & use it for keyword research.

Single Keyword VS Long Tail Keywords:

As per my view, if you want to rank your article in a short period, then you must target long-tail keywords in your article. So now you are probably thinking about what is long-tail keyword & what is the difference between a single keyword & a Long Tail keyword.

A long-tail keyword is a keyword that has 2 to 5 words in keywords. For example, Backlinks is a very popular keyword & many big websites are ranking for these keywords, but you are new in this industry & if you are targeting the same keywords to rank in Google, it will be impossible for you. So, if you are targeting “best authority backlinks to buy”, then there is a good chance to rank your article for this keyword.

Never Do Keyword Stuffing:

In the time of researching your keyword, you may choose one or two keywords for one article. That is good, but putting the same keyword in the article many times, might penalize Google. If you want that Google sees your website in a good way, then you must use relevant & main keywords in the article. Also, you can use the Noun form, Adjective form, or adverb form of the keyword in the article for better results.

Note:- Do not try to put your keywords as much as possible in the article. This will make your site penalized by Google. So try to maintain a 1 to 2% keyword ratio in the article.

On-Page SEO:

You should always do proper On-Page SEO whenever you write an article on any topic for better ranking. You have to mention your keywords in the article as well as back end of your article. It would help if you mentioned your keywords in all the meta tags & in the alt tags of the photo or snaps used in the article.

Word Count Of The Article For On-Page SEO:

In every SEO guide, you may hear that content is king. I also agree with that, but you do not have to make your post huge for this reason. Content is king means you have made your content unique & detailed with proper On-page SEO. Always try to write content as per the intent of the keyword. Google considers article intent as a major ranking factor nowadays.

Target More Than One Keyword In One Article:

The best way to target one keyword in each article is because if you target more, then keywords are competing with each other. But you can use several forms of the same keywords in an article. For example, like your main keyword is “Create Backlinks”, then instead of putting the same keywords in an article many times, you can put “Make Backlinks”, “Generate Backlinks”, “Produce Backlinks”, “Craft Backlinks”, “Build Backlinks” “Construct Backlinks”.

Positions of Keywords:

When Google bots are coming to your site for crawling & indexing that time, they always pay close attention to your text links & H1, H2, H3 tags, and alt tags of photos you put in the article. Except for these, you can use your keyword anywhere in the whole article to maintain keyword density.

Conclusion of SEO Secrets:

We have discussed the basic but very important topics on SEO in this article. This is a suggestion from our side that making a blog/website & ranking in Google is not a job of one day. You have to research & try to get the best results continuously. Just search the best articles on the web & learn how they are ranking. You can follow Niel Patel, Brian Dean from Backlinko, Harsh from ShoutMeLoud. These are some great websites & you can get many secret SEO tips they are following to get a high ranking in search engines.

SEO is a never-ending process. To know more about SEO Strategy, I have created one roundup blog post where great industry bloggers have shared their SEO strategy to get a high ranking. Here is the 61 Experts share SEO Strategy & Tools needs to follow to win SEO Goal.

If you have any questions about SEO or have any good suggestions for bloggers & internet marketers about SEO, please share with us via Blog commenting.

Conclusion on Earn Money From Blogging:

So, at last, do not stay as a blog writer but you have to be a marketer also—a Digital Marketer. There are different methods of promoting your content. Do not think sharing your article on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and sharing article links with your friends via WhatsApp is the ultimate promotion method. As you will spend time in this blogging & Digital marketing industry, you will learn how to promote your brand digitally.

One of the best ways to promote your blog is getting good quality backlinks from authority websites & getting featured in different types of authority websites & media publications.

At last, I can say Hard Work with Smart Work & Long Term Orientation is the key to success in blogging. Just create SEO Optimized, informative content for your readers & try to be consistent with your goal & soon, you will find your new blog is getting blossoms for you.

We have tried to collaborate on all the steps required for setting up your blog. Now we will quickly discuss how you make your blog a step ahead towards your entrepreneurship journey. So, when we discuss the entrepreneurship journey, we need first to understand who an entrepreneur is?

Who is an Entrepreneur?

If we want to say the meaning of entrepreneur in few lines, then “Entrepreneur is Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision-maker, decides what, how, and how much of goods or service will be produced. In addition, an entrepreneur supplies risk capital as a risk-taker and monitors and controls the business activities. The entrepreneur is usually a sole proprietor, a partner, or the one who owns the majority of shares in an incorporated venture”.

It’s not essential that Entrepreneurs will only be motivated by profits but regard it as a standard for measuring achievement or success.

If you want to forget about your 9 to 5 job & want to leave working under your boss & wants to take blogging as a career, then as per my opinion, Blogging the easiest way to start your entrepreneurship journey as well as making passive income even when you are sleeping.

If you have reached this portion of the article, then I have a gift for you. If you want to know the earning potential from blogging & what professional bloggers make money from blogging, you can read Bloggers Income Report: How Much Money Do Top Bloggers Make from In this article you will also find top blogging sites in India as well as from all over the world.

I hope you liked our article on Make Money From Blogging. If you liked our article, do not forget to share with your friends & family, which will ultimately help anyone to get any ideas to make money even when they are sleeping.

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