How To Become A Crorepati Overnight? With Pritam Datta

Become a crorepati overnight
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So, Today’s topic is “How To Become a Crorepati Overnight?” We have already written some articles on becoming a crorepati if you belong to a middle-class family & we have also received good feedback on the articles. But some readers are continuously asking that how to become Crorepati online overnight? Also, some readers want to know how to earn 1 crore in 10 days? So we have decided to write a comprehensive article on becoming a crorepati overnight.

In the actual world, becoming a crorepati requires lots of personal finance strategy, dedication & consistency. It will be very hard to become a crorepati overnight, but its not impossible.


You hard that right. Its not impossible to become crorepati overnight. So Today, I am teaching you the most profound concept of Becoming a millionaire step by step.

Today I’m going to teach you one of the most profound concepts that will help you become a millionaire or even a crorepati by the age of 27to 30.

You may not realize this, but one of the most toxic concepts and one of the most toxic ideas you have been exposed to is this. If you make money in a very short period, that somehow if you make money quickly it is a bad idea. You’ve heard of the term, get rich quick. Yet, somehow in our society that we believe if you make your money, if you build wealth quickly, it must be something shady, you must be doing something illegal, it must be a scam.

But to become a crorepati, you have to neglect the society is talking about you. Because wealth is not just measured by how much money you have; wealth is measured more in time than in just money.

Let’s say you make 20 Lakhs a year, and let’s say you work 40 years. How much money you’ve made? 8 Crore rupees.

Now 8 Crore rupees a lot of money? The question is, are you rich?


Why not?

Because it took you 40 years to accumulate an 8 Crore rupees to make an 8 Crore rupees.

Now let’s look at a different scenario. Let’s say you still make 8 Crore rupees, but instead of taking you 40 years, you make that 8 Crore rupee within 12 months, within one year.

Now, are you rich?

Yes! Now you are a CrorePati.

What is the difference? It’s the same one, 8 Crore rupees.

The only difference is the time that it takes for you to make it and the cool thing is this when you make your money in a relatively short period; you have more time to enjoy it. So instead of waiting for 65 years old, you may enjoy your money for the entire life.

That’s the only difference. That’s why wealth is not measured in how much money you make. It’s how fast you make that money.

Now, what if you make the same 8 Crore rupees a month? Let’s think bigger. 8 Crore rupees a month.

The person who makes 8 Crore rupees a month is 12 times richer than the person who makes 8 Crore rupees a year. And he is 480 times richer than the person who makes 8 Crore rupees for 40 years; that’s the difference.

And that’s why rich people value time more than we value money. Likewise, poor people value money more than they value time.

And that’s why if there’s something that you have to go for your car’s oil change, or you have to do something to fix the car, then you should not going to do it because it’s not worth your time.

Your time is much more valuable.

You have other activities that you could do that could bring in more money. You will get rich when you start valuing your time. Most people never get rich because they never value their time. So think about that.

Do you want to make it quick, or do you want to make it slow? Do you even have time to make it slow? If you’re serious about making it faster, not the traditional path, but how do you make it faster?

If you want to know how millionaires think, how they make strategies to becoming a crorepati, keep in touch with our blog by bookmarking our blog in your browser.

How To Become A CrorePati Overnight?

If you want to become a crorepati overnight, you can do certain things that may make you a quick crorepati.

Buy Lottery Tickets:

You can buy Lottery tickets & the price money should be more than one crore. Because if you own the price money, then you have to pay the taxes to the govt. Because as a rule, If the Prize money exceeds Rs 10,000, then the winner will receive the prize money after the deduction of TDS @31.2% u/s 194B.

Crorepati or RoadPati:

You can invest your whole & soul into cryptocurrencies & you have to wait for any famous person’s tweet. Then, if it favors you, you will be crorepati overnight; otherwise, you will be RoadPati overnight. Here I want to remind you of our disclaimer policy once again – “Information presented in this blog should not be taken as financial, legal, or any other type of advice. It has not been prepared concerning the individual needs, objectives, or financial situation of any particular person. Please read our full disclaimer here.”

Strategic Investment Plan:

Also, if you want to go through a strategic investment plan, you can read our below articles to help you to become a crorepati & achieve financial freedom.

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If you ask how to become a crorepati in the share market, you can go through the article Passive Income Strategy Through Stock Market Investments to clarify stock market investments. If you ask how much to invest in getting one crore in 10 years, you can do the calculations independently with Mutual Fund Investment calculator

If you still suggest my personal suggestion, then you can start with Rs. 5500 per month SIP investment & you continue to invest for 20 years & you have to raise your SIP investment 15% annually &, let’s say you, in the long term, only achieved a 12% percentage rate of return annually. Then after 20 years of long-time investment in your SIP, the total amount will become Rs. 1,03,28,296 (One Core Three lakes Twenty Eight thousand & two ninety-six rupees only).

Skills to Become A Crorepati Overnight:

Have you ever heard of lack of money is it a little bit of a problem? You know what?

Lack of money is never, ever a problem. Rather lack of money is simply a symptom of the problem, but it is not the cause of the problem. You may be wondering why I am saying this to you. Go through the complete article & you will come to know.

What the problem is, is a lack of skill.

Have you ever heard stories of lottery winners who suddenly won a lot of money coming into their lives? But, within a few years, they found broke & bankrupt.

Now, why is that?

They have money, but they don’t have the skills to be rich. So, today I will teach you the seven skills that you should master to become a crorepati. There are seven skills that I believe you need to understand and master to become a crorepati overnight.

Here I want to confirm that these skills help you to be successful in physical business and help you become crorepati online if you are doing any online business.

The Ability to Talk to Customers Persuasively:

I call that closing skill. Do you know how to close? Can you articulate the value of what you do to your potential clients? Do you know how to ask powerful questions that compel people to buy? Are you comfortable talking to strangers, presenting your ideas, demonstrating your product or service?

Closing skill, I believe, is one of the most important skills you need to master if you want to be rich. When you are talking to customers, you’re closing.

When you’re talking to vendors, try to persuade them to give you better terms; guess what? You are closing.

When you’re talking to your employees, you are closing. So, that’s the number one skill you should learn if you are still lacking.

The Ability to Speak to Groups or Public Speaking Skill:

The fear of public speaking is one of the fear has a vast percentage of people. Now, why do so many people afraid of speaking to public groups?

Most of the time, because they worry about whether they will sound stupid or how they look, or they are afraid because they might say something wrong.

All these things, but you look at great leaders, almost all great leaders, they’re all great public speakers, such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, right? So you should develop self-confidence through public speaking.

  1. So, ask yourself, are you afraid to speak to groups?
  2. Do you know how to present your ideas to groups?
  3. Can you communicate with conviction and certainty?
  4. Can you interact with your audience?

If your ans is “NO,” then there is good news for you. The good news is that it is a learnable skill, but public speaking is one of the most valuable skills to master to be rich.

Nowadays, there are several simple methods to improve your public speaking skills. You can also join the Clubhouse Club Unpencil, where the group’s admins periodically organize events on practicing Public Speaking to get rid of stage fears.

The Ability of Writing:

I am not talking about being all grammatically correct by saying writing skills; although it is good to do that, I am not talking about what you learn in schools. Instead, I am talking about written communication.

I am talking about your official email. How do you communicate with the written words?

Now, why is this so important?

Because in the day-to-day, we normally do lots of written communication through the emails you send, all the social media posts, the agreement, the contract, your landing pages, or your blog. And when you know how to communicate effectively through written words, it gives you a tremendous amount of leverage.

Effective writing skill is not taught in school. The school has taught us writing, but it did not teach us effective writing or copywriting. So that is the number three most important s

kill you should learn from your early age to become a crorepati overnight.

Leadership Skill:

In leadership skills, your ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your customer and your employees plays a vital role.

To be an effective leader, you must be an effective communicator. For example, do you know what the vision is for your company, and are you communicating with the same vision with your team members?

Do you know how to create a good culture within your organization? All of these comes under leadership skills.

If you are doing any business, then you should know that you can not do business solo. Therefore, you have been a team member to succeed in any business, which ultimately helps you become a crorepati.

Time Management:

The ability to manage and organize your time for maximum results is one of the keys to be a successful businessman & a crorepati.

I refer to that as priority management because we all only have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year at the end of the day. So you cannot manage time because we all have the same amount of time.

However, what you can manage, is your priorities. What are the important things you’ve got to focus on? One of the important things that would move the needle will help you move closer to your goals. The problem is, school never taught us how do we manage our priorities, right? So you can say that priority management is self-management. And you have to be master this skill to be successful in your life.

How do you manage yourself? And, if every single day, you can manage your time efficiently and effectively and focus on just a handful of things that two or three things you know, if you keep doing that consistently, will get you the results you want.

So, rich people understand that and realize the value of their time, and that’s why they avoid, what I call, minimum wage activities.

If someone can get the job done, costing you less than what your time is worth, you should delegate it.

Understanding Financial Statements:

Reading & Understanding financial statements is the key to be a successful businessman. I call it financial literacy skill. The Financial Statements of any company is the scoreboard of any companies performance. It tells us how well you are doing financially. How well are you managing your money? To understand the language of money, you don’t have to be an accountant, or you don’t have to join any accounting course. Understanding business statements is a skill that will develop gradually with your experience.

If you can understand the financial statements of any company, it will be soo easy for you to select any company to invest in. By the meaning of invest, I mean to say that either you can invest directly to any company or buy shares of the company & the correct decision will help you become a crorepati overnight.

Mindset Skill:

Ability to manage your mind. Frustration, negativity, fear, envy, depression, limiting belief, procrastination. How do you manage your emotions? How do you manage your mind? You see, you could get all of the other six skills right, and you can master all other six skills, but if you don’t have your mindset right, it is not going to work.

What are you feeding in your mind? How many times do you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goal, to achieve a result, but you cannot get yourself to do it because of procrastination. Maybe, how many times in your life you have opportunities slip through your fingers, and you cannot get yourself to step up and take action because of self-limiting belief. Or, what about how many times that you know that other people believe in you but you don’t believe in yourself because of self-limiting belief. That’s all mindset skill.

So, those are the seven skills that will make you become a crorepati online & offline.

Conclusion on How To Become A Crorepati Overnight?

If you have reached that portion, then I believe that you have read & understood the article that I am trying to tell you. If you can understand the article’s intent, then you most probably understood that if you too lucky, you can earn 1 crore in 10 days from any pathways like from Lotteries or by investing in cryptocurrencies. But, if you don’t have the right mindset of being a crorepati & the skill set to manage a crore rupee, you will not enjoy that money long. So, before thinking of being a crorepati, please understand how a crorepati mindset works. And try to develop the skills we have discussed in the article to become an actual crorepati.

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