How to Become a Billionaire in India if you belong to A Middle-Class Family? With Pritam Datta

How to be a Crorepati
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You can also become a billionaire in India or become a crorepati also if you belong to a middle-class family. This is the first article of our blog & We have launched this website on Mother’s Day (9th May 2021) with the blessings of my parents & with a great thought process that anyone can be a Crore Pati in just 5 years with share market investing with a proper strategic approach. Some peoples think, To be a multi-millionaire, you have to be a businessman. Without doing business, you will not be able to rich in Mukesh Ambani. Here is the limitation of the mind that keeps you behind to become a billionaire with no money. Not only from a middle-class family, if you are not a businessman & doing 9 to 5 job then also its possible to become a crorepati in 10 years. But I do not think it will be possible within a day or week. Of course, you can be a multi-millionaire, but definitely, it will take time. To do become a crorepati, its requires dedication, long-term orientation & the right strategy of investing in PPF (Public Provident Fund), investing in SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) & investing in recurring deposits

So, On our website, you will find different ways you can be a billionaire with no money as an overnight. To be clear that to be a crorepati, it’s not that you have to earn a hell of a lot of money. Yes, making money & savings of that money is essential, but if you only learn how to make a hell lot of money & how to save the money properly, it will not solve your purpose. To be a Crore Pati & to stay yourself a multi-millionaire are two different things. If you have a crore rupee in your bank, then yes, you are a crorepati, but that not means you will stay crorepati for your lifetime. Instead, being a crorepati is simple, but staying lifelong is more complex than being a crorepati.

You can find lots of stories on the internet of many multi-millionaire; instead, I can say many multi-billionaires lost all their money due to some bad decisions they have taken in their life. And you can find lots of stories where you can find many middle-class ordinary people became multi-millionaires rather than billionaire also.

Suppose you are first time in our website & reading our articles the first time. In that case, I want to clear that you get ideas how to earn & save a lot of money that will help you be a multi-millionaire and get how to be like a Multi-millionaire guy. What should be your mindset, what should be your attitude? 

So, enough introduction of our website. Before going forward take a look at the recent infographics we have created which can help you to achieve Financial Freedom or Financial independence. 

Should be free from All types of DEBTs
Roadmap to achieve financial freedom

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Now let’s come to the main topic. How to be Crore Pati or A Multi-millionaire?

This article is a summary of all the articles that will help you to become a billionaire in India or become a crorepati mentally and physically.

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  10. How to Become a Billionaire in India if you belong to A Middle-Class Family?
  11. 16 To-DO Lists you should follow at your early age (20s) to become a CrorePati starting from 2021.
  12. Crorepati mindset to become a Multi-billionaire.
  13. What should be your attitude to be a Crorepati?
  14. What type of Motivation do you need to become a Crorepati?
  15. How to Do Time Management to become a Crorepati.
  16. Habits to become a crorepati.
  17. What should be your Dressing sense to become a Crorepati?
  18. What should be your behavior to become a crorepati?
  19. How to be rich like Mukesh Ambani? (How rich is Mukesh Ambani?)
  20. How to become a crorepati in the share market?
  21. How to become a crorepati by investing in PPF (Public Provident Fund)?

How to become an Automatic Millionaire as per Book by David Bach and John David Mann:

When we discuss becoming a millionaire with no money, this topic will be very interesting for you. Furthermore, this topic will discuss how you can also become a crorepati & plan for your early retirement & achieve financial goals before your retirements. In this book, authors David Bach and John David Mann point out some points that anyone should keep in their mind, which will ultimately help you become an automatic millionaire in the near future.

Pay Yourself First

So, the first step to become an automatic millionaire will be to pay yourself first before anyone else. What I mean to say by this is every month when your salary is credited to your account ( for Salaried Peoples), then the first step is to save some percentage for your future. Start with min 5 to 10 per cent every month. You should invest first before paying your room rent, telephone bill, the electric bill, or other expenses. Then, after investing whatever money you have, try to maintain your expenses with that money only.

Maximum peoples first pay their monthly expenses & after all the expenses they try to invest the money at the month-end. But truly speaking at the month-end maximum time we don’t have much money for our future investment. So, what we should do is to save first & then start all the monthly expenses.

Keep An Eye On Your LATTE Factor

Don’t be confused with the word The Latte Factor. By the word Latte Factor, the author wants to convey that you should keep an eye on all the small expenses you are doing daily.

In our daily life, we normally spend small amounts on whatever we like & normally we don’t have any calculation on that money. Therefore, you should identify all the small expenses you are doing every day & check which small expenses you are doing every day is unnecessary.

Let’s say you are spending 50 rupees daily for different types of small expenses like smoking, snakes, chocolates, or any other expenses. Out of 50 rupees, if you can save 20 rupees daily, the amount in one month is 600 rupees.

Now its not the end. Let’s say you are saving 600 rupees in a month, but how will it help you become an automatic multimillionaire? If you notice that I am telling you to become an automatic millionaire. Means you will be a millionaire automatically. You don’t have to work on it.

Set for Automatic Investments

So, you have to do one thing at the start of the every month when your salary is credited, invest the money in any good mutual fund or any good stock.

Let’s say your age is currently 25 & you can save that much of amount in your whole life. Let’s say you have invested that money upto your 60 years of age. It means you have held for 35 years long. Can you think how much the amount will be if you are getting as low as 12 per cent return on your investment yearly basis (that means 1 per cent monthly basis)?

Get ready for a Shock…

SIP for 35 years

Conclusions on To Become A Billioniare:

So, to become a billionaire, you have to change your mindset first. First, you need to start learning how billionaires think, How billionaires face the challenges in their lives, and how they make decisions. You can start learning about billionaires’ mindsets by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Without proper strategies & Skillset, you will not be able to even millionaire. So start from today. Start spending not on things you like but start spending on yourself to develop the skills need to become a rich person in any corner of the world.

People Also Ask – Frequently Asked Questions on How to Become a Billionaire in India:

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