2025th’s Unique Student’s Career Opportunities To Become A Crorepati With Pritam Datta

Career Opportunities to become a Crorepati
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Who else doesn’t want to become a crorepati, but you have to start early to get your Financial Freedom in India. Start finding out the best suitable career opportunities after the 10th only or as soon as possible. But without better career opportunities options, how you will be able to achieve Financial Independence? That’s a big question. In our previous article, we have already discussed that how long we have invested is more important than how much you have invested. So, start early will help you to achieve your financial freedom as early as possible.
How can you start early? In our country, we start earning at min 20 years of age & at this time what majority is making is gone for necessary expenses only. The majority of people felt there is not enough in our hand at month-end to invest for future.

There are two possible ways to start early to achieve financial independence at our early stage of life.

  1. Investing before spending: Save first, then spends the remaining sum for your day-to-day needs. ( You should calculate your requirements as per your’s priority).
  2. Choose a better career opportunity 12th that will help you to become a crorepati in the upcoming future.

As we have already discussed, 16 To-DO Lists should follow at your early age (20s) to become a CrorePati; Today, we are talking about unique career options for students to become crorepati.
The career options majority are running behind, is highly competitive & less chance of getting success. Except thinking about the common career opportunities, there are many more career opportunities available for futuristic students & availing those options can lead anyone to succeed in the future. Below we have listed down a handful of career opportunities for students which will help anyone achieve their financial freedom at their early stage & will help them to plan their early retirement.

Unique Career Opportunities for Students to Become a Crorepati

Digital Marketing

As we are talking about futuristic career opportunities that can be helpful for students to plan their financial freedom at an early stage of life, then Digital Marketing can be one of the best career opportunities for anyone in future. The reason behind it is, as we have already experience in 2020 & 21, due to COVID – 19, the majority of companies marketing strategy changed as consumer behaviour is also changed in this pandemic. As marketing people cannot plan their visit to their customer place for day-to-day interaction, most companies understood how going digital could be profitable in this digital world. Also, since people can no longer run to the shops for every little thing they need, most consumers prefer to search for stuff online for online buying. So, career opportunities after an MBA (Master of Business Administration) & career opportunities for commerce students are not worth taking if the person has no cognitive ability. But if anyone can develop the proper skills, then it will be a win-win situation.

We have witnessed that Digital Media is growing with a CAGR of 15% to 20% per year. Also, you can check the number of internet users in India from 2015 to 2020 with a forecast until 2025 is increasing with a CAGR of 12.42%. Now, you can easily understand how popular will be digital marketing as a career option in the upcoming future & can be a great option to achieve financial independence through becoming a crorepati.

Statistic: Number of internet users in India from 2015 to 2020 with a forecast until 2025 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

To learn & start digital marketing, you don’t need to wait up to your 12th. You can start learning as early as possible at your home only if you have a laptop or computer with internet connectivity. When everyone searches for career opportunities after graduation, you will be a Digital Marketing Professional by that time.

Robotic Engineer

As per market research data, by 2030, Robots will replace over 30% of jobs currently done by humans as soon as 2025 to 30 in India. Also, Artificial Intelligence is booming nowadays. Also, human thinking will be hybrid, which means a mixer of biological thinking & artificial Intelligence (AI). So, robotic engineering can be a great option for career opportunities after your 12th. Also, in the same manner, if you are interested, then you can go ahead with artificial intelligence (AI) & Nanotechnology. You can consider Robotic engineering or artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning as worthwhile career opportunities for science students.

Actuarial Scientist in the Finance Field

Maybe you have not to heard about Actuarial Scientist.


When we buy any term insurance or any insurance policy, we both (Insurance seller & buyer) agree that the buyer will pay some premium periodically (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, etc.) & the person will be insured for a big amount of money. If anything bad happens with the insurance buyer, he can claim the insured amount from the seller. That’s the procedure of buying insurance. Right?

Now, Do you know who decides how much premium on insurance will have to be paid by the person who has purchased the insurance? That is the job of Actuaries. So, as day by day, peoples are buying expensive things & also purchasing insurance to protect it, or as nowadays with increased work pressure, tension & due to different types of global pandemic staying healthy is also a difficult thing. So, companies are coming up with more & more health insurance policies & hence Actuarial Scientist demand is also rising.

Groww Affiliate

Career Opportunity in Cyber Security

If you focus, then you will find that all the after 12th career opportunities are interrelated. When I am talking about In coming days, digital marketing will boom, then cybersecurity as a good career option comes into the picture. As more & more businesses will go digital with their personalised website/blog, then the security of the websites is a must. So, learning ethical hacking & finding the loopholes of the website can be a perfect opportunity in the cybersecurity field. Onkar Sonawane & Abhinav Bute are recognised as the youngest ethical hacker in India. As Per the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), By the end of 2021 itself, India will have 10 lakh job openings for cybersecurity.

A futuristic career option as a Developer

Again it is related to career opportunity, which till now I have mentioned. As career opportunities of digital marketing will boom then, there will be high demand for website & mobile applications developers. And whatever I have mentioned till now, about all the opportunities, You can start your own entrepreneurship journey. These options are not only good for getting a good job but also if you have those skills, you can start your own venture & start working as a consultant. What will be better than this? Like Onkar Sonawane (Youngest Ethical hacker) started his own company ALANCESEC & already worked with different companies & achieved good testimonials from Google Security & Intel Information security.

Data Scientist & Analyst

Job vacancy of Data Scientist & analyst is not only increasing rapidly in India but also globally. We are moving towards digitally & companies are investing a lot more in the digital advertisement than Tv advertisement. Where the digital advertisement targets their audience as per their interest, chances of converting into orders is much higher than TV advertisement. Companies can get ROI very early by investing in digital marketing as compared to television advertising. And all this can not be possible without doing a proper data analyst. You can say data analyst is the core of digital marketing.

Dietician / Fitness Consultant

Today when we are moving ahead, wide changes have been occurring in all people’s life. Malnutrition, unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, stress, and so on are the presentations of the unhealthy lifestyle that they are used as the dominant form of lifestyle. Dietician or fitness consultant demand is increasing in this point of time day by day globally. And anyone with good knowledge of fitness & dieting can start their own entrepreneurship that will be huge a success. Like Sapna Vyas Patel from Ahemdabad, Gujrat, an ordinary girl became a fitness instructor & now working with celebrities to help maintain their fitness. Opportunity in this field is very high. Anyone needs to take the career seriously, which will ultimately help them to achieve their financial goal.

Financial Planner

We at crorpari.com are helping you to understand & manage your personal finance & how with proper strategy investment & consistency, you can get your financial freedom & achieve your financial independence. But as everyone is behind money & everyone wants to become a crorepati, Financial planning one of the most important thing to achieve your financial goal. Let’s say you are earning a lot, but you do not have any financial knowledge. Then it will be tough for you to manage your finances. So, either you can share our website link so that person cannot manage their finances to learn something about financial planning or else he or she should have to hire a financial planner who will be able to customize their financial planning as per their needs.

When we talk about finances, it will be a not good decision if we don’t talk about CA’s. This is one of the evergreen career opportunities for CA (Chartered Accountant) in India. For sure, more technological advancement, high-tech computers, and Artificial Intelligence are also taking care in the finance industry. Still, decision-making power should be in the hand of a Chartered Accountant. So, you can consider CA as one of the best career opportunities in the accounting profession & you may go ahead with commerce after the 12th to achieve your B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) & to check Career Opportunities as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Interior Designer

As “Roti” “Kapada” & “Makan” is the necessity of every people, first everyone should invest in their houses & maintain the social image everyone wants that their homes look great & lavish in front of everyone. Also, one of the major reason for increasing the job opportunity in Interior design is “The majority of families have both people (husband & wife) working there is not much time to spend for the hectic and tedious work of designing your own space & buying furniture. Also, with the new trend of shifting to flats instead of own houses, one needs to make the most of the space that you have and still keep it open and clutter-free. This is where the interior designers come into the picture; they have a high designing knowledge and should know the traditional architectural techniques like Vastu Shastra and others from other religions.

Event Manager

As we are on the mission to make every Indian’s Crorepati, Where they will show their lavish lifestyle?

Of course, they will throw a party & to maintain their social image; people will try to keep their events lavish without spending much time planning and executing the same. This is where the event planners come into the picture. Event planners take cares of all kinds of events, from as small as a simple birthday & as big as Olympic level events. Jokes apart, but understand the true value of this career opportunity in the upcoming future.

Environment Management

We are moving ahead with more technological advancement & of course that is to simplify our lives but one thing which is deteriorating day by day. And that is our nature – Our Mother Earth. I hope you have already read our 10 Entrepreneurial Skills to Become a Billionaire in 2021, like Elon Musk- Crorepati. If you have not read then in that post, we have shared how anyone can make money with cryptocurrency & also shared how cryptocurrency mining is rapidly increasing fossils fuel, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel. Due to this, Tesla has suspended vehicle purchasing through Bitcoin, but this is not reducing the crypto mining in the world & this is only one example. There are lot more things by which our nature is suffering. And to protect our mother earth opportunity of this position will increase day by day.

Environmental engineers will develop plans and how to implement those plans to tackle problems with the environment. In India, the government has targeted to increase solar power energy by 500%, i.e. from 20 GW (GigaWatt) to 100 GW by 2022. Similarly, there will be an increase in wind energy by almost 270%, i.e. from 22.4 GW to 60 GW.

Marriage Counselor

On this topic, I don’t think I have to tell more. By the subject line, you should have understood what I am trying to tell you. If you speak with your parents & your grandparents about divorce, Your grandparents literally don’t know about Divorce. They can’t believe that people can also separate once after marriage & there is a law on this. But nowadays peoples are fast forward. They want to quit as early as possible if anything goes wrong in their life & so, as per the research data, in the last 17 years, the divorce rate of India has increased approximately 17% in India.

A divorce is never easy; think about the last relationship you have ended up in a breakup, think about a Divorce, and so much gets added up when a child is involved in the couple’s life. To protect their marriage life, the marriage counsellor works with the couple to identify & resolve their issues. If required, they also involve the couple’s families to protect the couple’s marriage life. So, in future, you can consider a marriage counsellor job a great choice of career opportunities to become a crorepari.


As I mentioned earlier, all career opportunities are interrelated. When we are moving with more technological advancement, obviously, we are doing fewer laborious tasks. There has been a rise in injuries like back, joint pains, and even sports injury (especially when you play it after long a gap). This lifestyle change has not only bought ease but pain, too, to the human race. So, now it’s a job of A physiotherapist to treat such injuries using both machines and physical methods, which may include laser treatments, massages, and even hydrotherapy.


As doctors are essential for any country, nurses are not behind it. Doctors can do wonders in the health divisions, but nurses provide the best health care facility in different govt or Pvt hospitals & nursing homes. It should be remembered that career opportunities as a nurse is the noblest professions and one of the best fields if you want to serve the community. There are different types of nursing courses available in India like Diploma, Undergraduate, postgraduate degree courses for nursing students & doctoral courses who want to pursue their career in nursing.


Most of the best career opportunities I have mentioned here will be in demand in future because all the futuristic career options are interrelated. But for sure, all the career opportunities in India will require highly skilled people. Without properly skilled people, there will be a tough job for anyone to succeed in their career.

To become a crorepati, do not choose a random career for yourself. Before choosing your best career options, just follow your passion. If you can love your job, it will be easy to accept that as your best career opportunities after the 10th.

If you think this article helped you understand the best career opportunities jobs, share with your friends & families. Sharing is Caring.

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