How to Check Mutual Fund Status With Folio Number? With Pritam Datta

Check Mutual Fund Status with Folio Number
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When we talk about How to check mutual fund status with folio number, you should know what mutual fund investments is? & what is folio number is. We have taken this topic (check mutual fund status with folio number) very seriously & tried to cover each & every possible way to provide the best solutions to you. Therefore, after reading this article, we are very much sure you do not need to read any other article or do not need to watch any other video related to check mutual fund status with folio number online.

We have already written the Complete Beginner Guide of Mutual Fund Investments & if you want to become a crorepati with Mutual Fund investment, you should go through the article once. If you want to know the power of compounding, then you can start mutual fund investing as early as possible; as I have already shared, how long you are investing is much more important than how much you are investing. We have already discussed how investing can be one of the best sources of passive income.

What is Folio Number in Mutual Fund Investment?

A Folio number is a relevant concept in the mutual fund investment world. Like your savings or current bank account number, a folio number is a unique number to identify your holding in any particular fund. A folio number is generated when you have selected any mutual fund for investment purposes. When you invest your money to any mutual fund, the fund house provides one identification number against your PAN number. PAN number is a Permanent account number is an identification number assigned to all taxpayers in India & the validity of the PAN number of an Indian individual is a lifetime.

There is no need to worry about how many Folio numbers you have & it does not affect your investing strategy. How many funds you select for investment purposes, that many numbers of folio numbers you will get from the mutual fund house. But your focus should be not increasing your folio number but to increase your investment journey with proper investment strategy & long-term orientation.

Where You Will Find Folio Number for your Mutual Fund Investment?

Providing a Folio number is mandatory for the asset management company to every mutual fund investor. You will be able to find your folio number in the Mutual Fund investment statement normally sent by AMC’s within 1 to 2 days of investment done in any mutual fund. With the folio number, you will also get different transaction details like NAV (Net Asset Value) of the fund, Units alloted to you, etc.

If you invest in different mutual funds under one asset management company, AMC’s provide different folio numbers for different mutual funds. Still, sometimes it seems very difficult to manage all the folio numbers & you need to check every folio number to check your total investment amount. To get rid of that issue, you can request AMC to compile all the Mutual fund folio numbers & provide you one identification number to check all your investments in one place.

Importance & Benefits of Folio Number for a Mutual Fund Invester:

As your bank account number is the identification number for your bank account, like that the folio number is the identification number for your mutual fund investment. Without the right folio number, it is impossible to track all your mutual fund investments. So, below we have discussed the Importance & Benefits of Folio Number for a Mutual Fund Investor & How to Check Mutual Fund Status With Folio Number.

Track Mutual Fund With Folio Number

Maybe you are investing in a mutual fund through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). The method of investing through SIP is the most popular in the mutual fund investment world. In this method, every month, pre-decided money will be deducted from your bank account & will be invested in the mutual fund automatically. As you have already done mandate with the bank, so everything done will be automatic. Therefore, you do not need to check every month for the investment.

Now when you invest through SIP or you make a lump sum investment, every time you got an investment statement from the AMC with the folio number mentioned. And with the folio number, tracking of all your investments is done so easily.

Record of the Amounts Invested by MF Investors:

This is the folio number by which AMC’s & you can record the amount invested in any particular mutual fund. Through folio number only, you will be able to get all your lifetime transactions with the mutual fund in one place. You can also check mutual fund value with folio number.

Details of the MF Investors:

Mutual funds are regulated by SEBI ( The Securities and Exchange Board of India was established on April 12, 1992, following the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992). If someone is investing through a Mutual fund, then SEBI requires some details of the investor & they collect all the information from your PAN number. They can check your details through a PAN number because the PAN number is directly linked with your Aadhar number. The details SEBI collected through your PAN number is mentioned under folio number details in each mutual fund investment statement.

List of Units of MF Investments:

With the help of the Mutual Funds Folio number, how many units you have bought of any particular mutual fund can be tracked. In addition, your folio number gives you the updated list of the number of units that you are holding at any time with an Asset Management Company. You can also check mutual fund balance with folio number mentioned in the investment statement.

Mutual Fund Investment Statements:

Like you can generate a bank account statement with your bank account number, with the help of the folio number, you will be able to generate periodic statements for all your mutual fund’s investments. So, to generate a statement, also folio number plays a very important role.

KYC Records of Mutual Fund Invester:

So, we have already discussed that AMC’s & SEBI collects some sorts of information from your PAN card details & it is mentioned in each statement under each folio number. This is called KYC Records (Know your customer records).

Mutual Fund Investor’s Genuineness:

Folio number also indicates the Genuineness of the Investor & the AMCs.

Coordination will be Easier:

If you face any issue with your mutual fund’s investments & you want to communicate with your AMC, then providing a folio number before starting any discussion is necessary because folio number is the ultimate number for your mutual fund investments journey.

How to Check Mutual Fund Status With Folio Number?

Log in to the fund’s Site:

Log in to the fund’s Site is one of the oldest & safe method to check mutual fund status with folio number. Every fund should have a website to log in to & check all the details related to your investment for all investors. You can go through the article where we have mentioned what you should check before investing in any Mutual Fund. Let’s say you want to check mutual fund status with folio number SBI or HDFC, so you need to login to the SBI Mutual Fund website or HDFC mutual fund website with the login credentials & then only you will be able to check all your investment journey irrespective your folio number.

Call the Service provider of the Fund House:

Calling the customer care of the fund house to check the Mutual Fund Status with Folio number is also one of the easiest method. If you are not too familiar with the internet, there are facilities availble to call the service to provide the fund house. Normally every fund service provider has a TOLL-free number & customer care department. So you can call them from your mobile number directly to know any details related to your investments.

Get in Touch with Your Financial Broker:

If you invest through any Mutual Fund Broker, you do not need to do anything extra to manage or know the status of your mutual fund investments. You can directly meet or call your broker to know anything about your investments. If you want to change anything about your investments strategy, you also have to contact your broker & your broker will do all the things on your behalf.

Also, you need to remember that if you are investing through any broker, some percentage of your investment goes to the broker’s account as a broker commission. So, my personal suggestion will be that you can go with direct investment if you have some knowledge about investing.

Periodical Emails from AMC’s:

If you have invested online or with the help of any broker & you have submitted your email id & mobile number (nowadays, submitting email id & phone number is mandatory), you will receive all the details about your investments directly from fund houses. Normally all your mutual fund status with all your folio numbers are mentioned in that periodical mail received from fund houses & you do not need to call fund house customer care for any information. Though if you need any more information, then you can check the methods mentioned above.

Through Groww App:

If you have invested from any online discount broker, then you can check all your mutual fund status irrespective to your folio number of mutual fund in one place in their online platform. You don’t need to visit different AMC websites to check the performance of your different fund portfolios. Everything is available on their online platform.

Mutual Fund Status

There are multiple online discount brokers available on the internet, which helps you open your demat account without any physical document submission within 10 to 15 minutes. You can start with Groww App by clicking on this link. For the last two years, I am using the Groww app for my Mutual funds, Direct Stocks & Gold investments. I found the Groww app user interface is excellent & easy to understand.

Conclusion On Checking Mutual Fund Status Through Folio Numbers:

You may have seen the advertisement “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai”. Yes, I recommend that you still have not started investing to achieve your financial independence; you should begin with a Mutual fund today. It is as safe as fixed deposits at your bank. No one will take your money & run away. So, do not panic about anything & start investing.

Regarding checking mutual fund status with your folio number, we have tried to include all the possible ways. If you are facing any issues, you can comment below. We read every comment & will try to provide you the solution as soon as possible.

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