New Business Ideas After Lockdown In India With Low Investment

Small Business Ideas
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In today’s date, every person wants to start his own business, but He has two problems in front of him — Lack of knowledge and Less money. Also, after the lockdown in India due to covid 19, many have lost their jobs & many are facing money issues. So, to resolve this issue, this covid time can be the best time to start a small business, which I will share with you guys. I will share some business ideas which will be helpful; during covid & after covid. With this small business idea after corona, I will also share some trending small business ideas which have massive potential in the future.

If you are also facing a similar money problem, then, believe me, this post is for you only.

Because in this post, I will give you a list of those business ideas that you can start After Lockdown In India With Low Investment.

Yes, it is true.

“Because if you want to do something, you have to find a way.”

– Jim Rohn (Businessmen)

In today’s world, there are a lot more option there to make money online. Here I have listed the best Online Money Making Sites for your ref.

The most prominent example of this is Dhirubhai Ambani, who started his Entrepreneurship life by selling Bhajiyas in the villages – then he achieved many significant milestones. So, First, let’s start with the great business ideas during & after covid in India.

Best Small Business Ideas After Covid 19.

So if you want to do something big even after corona in India, then you can start with these small business ideas. These ideas may not seem right to you for a big business, but remember that every big thing starts in a small way. Also, their special thing is that this business can be done by students, young people, homemakers, or anyone else.

Cloth Reusable Face Masks Small Business

The most effective way to prevent the coronavirus epidemic is to wear a face mask whenever you go out. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged people for this and has also said that just mouth and nose should be covered, and homemade masks are also effective. Keeping this in mind, women in every state earn good money by making facemasks at home and selling them.

Due to the sudden massive demand for facemasks, their prices have gone up. Most of the demand is for surgical masks and N-95, but after the government’s intervention, cloth facemasks are becoming popular among ordinary people. According to a report, 95.14% of the virus can be prevented from spreading even by wearing homemade masks.

To start a cloth mask, you don’t need to make a heavy investment. You can learn to prepare a good cloth mask by watching youtube videos. You can also start selling to the local shops in your area. As the prices of surgical masks and N-95 masks are soo high, people prefer to buy clothes mask. This business in newly started during covid & has enormous potential in future.

You can also read Best Passive Income Ideas which will help you understand how to make passive income even when sleeping.

Hand Sanitizer Business Opportunity in India

After cloth masks, the 2nd most famous business started in during covid & it will continue to grow in future is Hand Sanitizer business. Like a branded mask, hand sanitizers are also touching the sky price. So, if you can make good sanitizer as per WHO regulation, you can earn a considerable profit during this challenging time. And in these two years, people are habituated to use sanitizers & in future, this business potential is enormous.

To start this business, you don’t have to make a heavy investment, but you can make some investment to start the business & when you exceed your business, you can invest more to make it big. You can make Aloe vera hand sanitizer in your home & start selling in your local market.

The thing you need to make Aloe vera hand sanitizer is mentioned below.

  1. Aloe vera gel
  2. distilled water
  3. Clove Essential Oil
  4. lavender essential oil
  5. Vitamin E Oil

Take a washed and dried clean utensil. Now put a cup of aloe vera gel and a teaspoon of vitamin E oil in the vessel. In this mixture, add two drops of clove essential oil and two drops of lavender essential oil. Leave it for few minutes to mix. Next, add one to two tablespoons of distilled water to it. Your homemade hand sanitizer is ready. Store it in a clean, airtight container in a cool and dry place. Your own made sanitizer gel is ready.

Start Your Blog

Starting Your Blog during & after covid time, you can consider one of the best decisions you can take. You know blogging is considered the best passive income source & Also blogging needs a lot of time. And in this covid situation, we have lots of time & we are destroying our precious times by watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. So instead of watching movies or web series, you can start learning about blogging.

If you have good knowledge in any field, then you can start your blog on that topic. You can create your website in only 2 to 3 thousand, and in a short time, you can easily earn up to 1,000 dollars from the same blog.

I also started this website like this, and today it is a good source of income. Being a blogger, I know about how it works, I have seen many such websites which started only one year ago, and their earnings have reached lakhs.

Yes, for this, you have to do something different and better using your creative mind. Also, you can do it only part-time by giving it a few hours. The best thing in this blogging business is that the capital involved in this is very little than any other business; you have to put your mind to it for a few hours.

You can get excellent topic information by searching on Google, or you can also select Niche according to your choice. I have written a complete step-by-step guide from scratch How to start & earn money from blogging. If you want to take blogging as a business, then you should read that article.

Health Club

“The Biggest Happiness is Healthy Body” & most of the people understood during this covid time. You can quickly understand the increase of awareness of keeping healthy body by seeing the medicines shop. People are buying vitamins & minerals tablets more than the actual medicines. And why are they doing this? To improve their immunity level, what will be the best except doing exercise in a Health Club?

Being healthy and fit in life is an achievement in itself – which you can also make your business.

You can join Clubs like this –

  • Yoga Classes
  • Karate Classes
  • Fitness Club

You can open your business. You should have two things in this –

  1. First good experience in any Fitness Field.
  2. A good place where you can do 20 to 50 fitness activities.

Now in this, you can do an excellent course to become an expert, and you can take any place or club on rent. After which, with very few instruments, you can start your business and generate an excellent monthly income.

Home Canteen

The government has banned eating and drinking in restaurants, but online food delivery is not banned. In such a situation, the business of tiffin service can be started. A large number of youth in the city eat outside food. If you prepare clients according to the dozen, then quickly, you can start earning thousands. This work will be done at the local level, and neither investment nor promotion will be required.

The way the population is increasing, in the same way, the work is also growing, and the offices are also increasing in the same proportion. The office staff does not get time to go to their home or hotel for lunch. You can open a Home Canteen and deliver food for them to their Office. If you want to know more about the potential of this business, then you should know the story of the famous company Zomato. Search on youtube for “Zomato Story,” & you will know that at first, zomato only targets the office staff who are willing to take good food at their office lunchtime. And now you know that how big a company is Zomato now.

There is no need to find customers in this because they are already present. You can do this work from your home, and the income is also very high.

I can relate to this business because I was in different location away from my home for my job purpose for seven years. And in seven years, I have taken dinner from a lady who gives me home-cooked food at 8 pm daily against Rs. 60 daily & billed monthly. So, you can imagine how many persons are typically for their professional purpose or students away from their home for their education purpose. So, you can target those bachelor people as your customer. Provide them good quality food & thats the only thing bachelors wants.

Nowadays, after lockdown cloud kitchen concept is also booming in the industry. Cloud kitchen service is the same service as a home-cooked food business. In this service, you can also list your business in Zomato & Swiggy. Then, you can receive orders online & deliver your home-cooked food through Zomato or Swiggy delivery boy. So, in the future, I can see lots of potential in this business.

Yoga Class

If you are a fit and healthy person and have complete knowledge of yoga, you can open your yoga class by becoming a yoga teacher and can start earning a good income. In my health club business review, I have already shared how vital YOGA is nowadays to improve our body’s immunity to prevent not only Covid by any other type of Disease.

In today’s time, yoga has attracted many peoples’ attention, so becoming a yoga teacher is a new profession.

You can also open a Yoga Class in your home; in this, you need very little investment. If you even take 500 rupees from one of your students, then you can do good earning.

Regarding this Yoga Class business, I can share with you one story. I have a childhood friend who is not good at his studies, but he loved to dance. By watching dance on TV, he now can dance professionally & also participated in Zee Bangla Dance. Now he gives dance tutions to his home. After achieving some success as a dance teacher, he has opened Yoga classes, Ladies Gym, and Foreign language classes in his own house & earning laks per month. So, if you are reading this article, stay motivated & start any one of the businesses & do that business with your all passion.

E-book Author

Regarding E-Book Business, I have separately written an article & mentioned how much profit is doing ebook business & added reference how many are earning a lot by doing ebook business.


You can also earn good money by becoming a Trainer or Tutor. For this, very little money is required; you can teach others in the field in which you are good or in which you have a stronghold.

After some time, the number of learners increases, then you can add some more Tutors or Trainers with you. In this way, you can take this business to great heights.

Now, this business you can either start online, or you can do it offline. When I was in school, we usually go to evening tuitions after returning from school. Now, after lockdown, most of the students & their parents don’t prefer to go to tutions physically but started taking online tuitions. So, it would be better if you can begin to tution business online or create a youtube channel. In this article on Trusted online Money making sites, I have shared where you can register to start tutions jobs online.

Most Futuristic High Potential Small Business Ideas For Long Term

Mobile Shop Business

The use of mobile is increasing very fast worldwide, which shows the mobile phone market. You may probably be shocked to know that more than 200 million mobiles are being bought every year. In such a situation, opening a mobile shop can be a profitable deal. For this, you will not need much capital. You can start it with just a tiny shop.

It would be better to start with some good smartphones like – Redmi and Realme because their performance is good, And these are available on a low budget. After which, as your income increases, you can increase your shop in the same way.

But in this digital era on the internet, you should know that most people prefer to buy from the internet. There are lots of amazing mobile apps like amazon & Flipkart, where everyone also gets good discounts on the purchase on specific terms & conditions. Like I have my Flipkart Axis Bank credit card & whenever I buy anything from Flipkart, I get 5% cashback directly to my credit card account. Also, I have my Amazon ICICI bank credit card & whenever I buy from amazon, I get 5% cashback to my amazon wallet. This is amazing, right. So, if you want to achieve success in this business, you have to add value to your customer experience, like selling at a lower price or free extended warranty or free service like that. 

Solar Business

As the energy demand is increasing all over the world, its sources are also increasing. In such a situation, many businesses have made excellent progress in Solar Filed, and you too can earn a lot of money by being a part of it. For example, in Solar Business with India’s top companies, you can make 30 thousand to 1 lakh rupees in a month in just 1 thousand investments.

Grocery Shop

Grocery Shop has always been counted as one of the Best Small Business Ideas. The biggest thing is that you do not need any exceptional talent for this.

Setting up a shop in an area with fewer Grocery Shops is a good option because there is no competition, the chances of your business being successful increase a lot.

In this business, you can add some other features for your customers, such as –

  1. Home Delivery
  2. Selling goods at a lesser price from another shop.

These are tiny things, but they increase the effect a lot. With the help of this, your grocery shop will grow even faster.

Event Management

India is a country of festivals and celebrations where people organize weddings, birthdays and other small and big occasions. The problem with these festivals and celebrations is that most people have to do all the work in the event themselves.

Due to which they cannot handle its arrangement, this problem can become an opportunity for you. You can start an Event Management Business for this.

In this, you will handle the entire arrangement of the event by becoming an Event Manager. After which, you can take Fees by adding your Profit % to the whole of expenditure made.

Now you will feel that workers will be needed in this and you will also have to pay fees – so how will all this happen?

Solution: In such a situation, many Event Managers only hire workers at the time of the event, due to which their fees also come down. This is a good business model, one of the Fastest Growing Businesses on which you can work.

Beauty Parlor Business

If you are a woman, you can open a good beauty parlor by taking a 2 or 3 months Beautician Course. This is a very low-budget business to start, which you can also spread in your home.

It would help if you had makeup sense, and your business will run. If you work hard and move forward in some new or creative way, you can easily earn 30 to 50 thousand or more a month from this business.

I can share a story on this business with you. I am sharing this story with you because I was personally involved in this story. This story belongs to my wife, who is a beautician. My wife belongs to a village called Kalyani, Nadia district. To earn some money for her personal expenses, she usually worked in a beauty parlor. And she told me that they charge their customer has no limit in the time of any occasion. In West Bengal, Durga Puja is a big festive & 5 years ago, there are only 2 to 3 beauty parlors available in their village. So in only Durga puja, they profit more than 200% or sometimes 500% from each customer. Becuase everyone wants to look good on any occasion & during Durga puja, everyone rushes to beauty parlor shops. And due to the increased customer base at a particular time, they charge heavily to do regular jobs.

You may have been thinking about why I am sharing this story with you. The only reason is to understand the potential of the business. If you belong to such a place where there are not many beauty parlors in your area, then this tiny business idea after lockdown can be one of the best business ideas for you.

Social Media Service

Internet is mainly used for the use of social media. In today’s date, social media has the most influence, changing people’s lives. People use social media for marketing their business, such as – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram etc.

In such a situation, you can earn a lot of money by doing the work of these social sites of people. To do this business, you should have some knowledge of computers and social media.

With this business, you can handle the social media sites of more than one company, and you can set up your own social media company.

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Computer Repairing

If you know how to repair a computer, this can prove the best business for you. But even if it does not come, it does not matter, nowadays many government and private institutes conduct computer and laptop repairing courses.

This course is generally of three months, in which you can easily open a Computer Repairing Shop by doing this course. Considering the increasing use of computers and laptops, this business can be regarded as very beneficial for the future.

Here also, I have something to share with you guys. Recently my laptop, which I am using for the last four years, found some issue with the laptop screen. I tried many things to solve the problem by updating the software, but nothing works. Finally, I have discussed this with one of my friends & he suggested I contact one person who is good at laptop repairing. So I got him & he checked my laptop & told me that I need to change the laptop screen and said to me that due to lockdown that laptop screen is coming from china in more than double cost. I also checked online about the laptop screen & found that the screen is not available on any Indian website. So forcefully I have to change the laptop screen. To change the laptop screen, it took approx 10 mins & he has taken 300 as a service charge & maybe he also has taken some profit on the screen price.

I have shared this story with you; the one & the only reason is to understand the potential of this business. If a person can earn 300 within 10 to mins, then can you imagine if he repaired ten laptops in a whole day, it becomes 3000 per day? I have also considered the margin he has taken on the product.

General Store

Opening a general store of items used every day can also be a perfect and profitable business. In this, you can keep Grocery, Soaps, Shampoos, Beauty Products, Stationary etc.

You can also start this business with a capital of 25 to 40 thousand, and you can move forward slowly. Also, women can do this business along with men because there is a lot of potential for the future in this.

You can take the example of Easy Day Club in this, which has opened small stores all over the country and is growing very fast.

Paytm Agent

You can also earn money by becoming a Paytm Agent.

The following qualifications are required for this –

  • Age should be more than 18.
  • Must have a smartphone.
  • In addition, communication skills should also be good.

How to apply?

  1. To apply, first go to the Paytm Portal.
  2. Now, enter the information asked in the form.
  3. Then Rs. Pay the fee of 1000.
  4. And finally, submit the documents.

In this way, you can also start your business by becoming a Paytm Agent.

Professional Freelancer

You may not consider Freelancing as a business, but do you know that many people are earning a lot of money as Freelancer and opening Freelancing Agencies.

If you can do the below things, you do not have to wait to see the profits.

  • Web Designing
  • Software Development
  • Content Writing
  • Photo Editing
  • Translation etc., or you have any other talent; you too can easily do your business by becoming a Professional Freelancer.

The most significant advantage of this is setting the time, price and place of work yourself. If it is online, you can also do it part-time and earn a good amount of money.

It will help if you read these freelancing related post-

  • Online Part-Time Jobs (For Everyone).
  • How to build your business by joining Google?
  • Freelancing is one type of Passive Income source. You can read the article best passive income ways to earn money online then you should go through the article.

Interior Decorator

Everyone wants his house to look beautiful to have a good impression on the people who come. For this, people often hire Interior Decorators. You can also help such people by starting the business of Interior Designing; in return, you also get a good amount. Apart from home, you can also decorate the interiors of the Office and Shops.

Bakery Business

Bakery is also a perfect and long-term business. It does not require a lot of investment to start. You can make Bread, Tosts, Biscuits etc. or buy from the wholesaler and deliver it to the nearest market. Along with this, you can also do home delivery of your products.

Generally, a person needs Bread or Toast in the morning, so if you send your workers to a particular area & a particular time and get it delivered, sales can be high and grow too.

Electronic Store

You can also open an Electronic Store by raising a little more investment. Nowadays the demand for TVs, Fridges, Kitchen Appliances has increased a lot, and anyone can easily earn a good income by opening an Electronic Store.

In this, you can sell goods at a slightly lower price, keeping your margin low in the beginning compared to other shops. After which, you can reset the rate when you have good identity and customers in your market.

Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, every person wants to buy their own house or take a plot and build their home. You can help him in both the works by opening a Real Estate Agency.

I know many such Real Estate Agents who help people choose a house or land according to their choice, and in return, they charge a commission of 1-2% of the property’s price. All you have to do is collect the details of all types of properties and plots and keep in touch with all the property owners interested in selling their properties.

After which now you need a customer who wants to buy that property. For this, you can open an office on rent, this is optional, but when you grow in your business, you can open a real estate office where you can start dealing with your customers.

According to Future Prospects, this business is one of the most profitable business models. To provide heights to your real estate business, you can list your business details in Google my business & take as many as possible. If you got good Google My business review, then whenever anyone searches best real estate near me, your business details will appear infront of the person searching for real estate. Also, you can run Google Ads to promote your business locally. These are few tricks by which you can scale your business in a great position.

Translation Service

If you want to earn money through low investment, there are many such sites on the Internet that run only for language translation. Such sites invite many people for this work that people come to their site and do translation work.

For this work, many companies give ten paise to 2 rupees per word to translate a word. This rate is decided based on your work experience. To do this work, you have to find only such sites on the Internet that run on Language Translation, and you have to create your Id by visiting these websites.

Here we are giving you links to some such sites, by visiting which you can do the work of Translation Service –


Virtual Assistant

A virtual Assistant prepares the schedule plan of a company. Almost all types of busy companies need a Virtual Assistant. If you are willing to do this work and have a little knowledge of the Internet, you can become a Virtual Assistant.

You do not even need to go anywhere to do this work; you can manage this work on the computer in your own home. For this, you have to apply to those companies who are looking for services.

Candle Making

Candle Making Business is a very Standable Business. There is a lot of demand for candles in the market, and its request is not related to electricity but decoration.

Nowadays candle decoration is done at big parties, festivals, weddings etc. You can learn candle-making from the Internet, and if you do the best candle-making, then your business can go a long way.

To start a candle-making business, your budget should be more than Rs 10,000 and if you want to grow it fast, hire some workers.

Breakfast Corner Shop

Breakfast Shop Business is a very high-profit business nowadays, which is becoming very popular. In this runaway life, many people live outside their villages and do jobs, due to which they also eat food outside, and many people have not left home after breakfast due to delay. In such a situation, if you start this business, then your business will run smoothly. You can open Breakfast Shop with a budget of Rs 10000-20000.

The most crucial thing in this is that the quality of your food should be good – so that the customer remains connected to you for the long-term period. The most significant advantage of this here is that your work will be over by noon – after that, you can do something else.

This business equally has potential like Home cooking or cloud kitchen business. Suppose someone can take lunch or dinner from someone then for breakfast where they will go. So, its has the same potential.

Incense Stick Business (अगरबत्ती का बिज़नेस)

Agarbatti business is a perfect option in low cost and high-profit businesses. Incense sticks are such a product, which people of almost all types of religions use. If you do not know how to make incense sticks, you can learn by watching youtube videos. In the business of incense sticks, you will get a good profit at a meager cost.

Dry Vegetable Shop

Nowadays, the demand for dry vegetables is increasing; you can start a dry vegetable business with lower expenses. Dry vegetables are found very expensive in the market, so it is very profitable if you do a dry vegetable business.

You can sell Kair, Sangri etc., in Dry Vegetable. In this business, if you sell Dry Vegetables by growing them in your yard or farm, you can earn more profit by selling them more cheaply and with good packing.

Vehicle Wash Shop

Vehicle Wash is a straightforward way to earn. You can open a Vehicle Washing Shop in your own home. In this business, you have to invest in buying a Vehicle Washing Machine, and if you also take 80-100 rupees for washing a car and bike in it, you can earn good earning in a day.

Dance Classes

If you know how to dance well, then you can open a dance class. You can earn good earning by becoming a Dance Teacher. For this, you can open a class in your own home. Also, you do not need much investment in this business.

In this business, if you take 500 to 800 rupees from one of your students, then you can earn good money in a month.

Car or Bike Parking Business

If you have an ideal free space, then you can start this business quickly. People who use their personal vehicle to go to the market or any other place face more parking problems.

In such a situation, if you start the business of car parking and also take 40-50 rupees from a customer, you can earn good earning in a day.

Plant Shop

Due to the increasing awareness about trees and plants, all the people are planting plants in their respective yards. Therefore, if you open a Plant Shop, you can earn a good profit in such a situation.

You can also open a Plant Shop in your home. Again, you only have to buy plants, and if you do not have space in the house, you can hire a shop. You can start this business with low investment, and if you want, you can earn more money by home delivery of plants.

Pets Food Store

Nowadays, everyone keeps pets in their homes, so there is a need for more pet food items. In such a situation, you can open a Pets Food Shop, and you can earn well. You can also open a Pets Food Store in your home; for this, you will have to pay the minimal cost.

If you want to open a Pets Food Store, then open in an area that already has very few Pets Food Shop.

DJ Sound Services

DJ Sound is very popular nowadays. Whenever there is a party or procession etc., people do DJ Hire for Enjoyment. In such a situation, if you start DJ Sound Services, it will be a small part-time business for you, in which you can earn good money.

To start a DJ Sound Services Business, you will first need to buy DJ Tools, and you will need to hire 2-3 persons.

Travel Agency

When a person has to go for tourism from one place to another or abroad, they go to the most flourishing travel agency. But now you must be thinking what a travel agency is, then let us tell you that a travel agency provides services to the peoples to visit various tourist places, which can also be called a tourism service.

What happens in the travel agency business is that when someone has to go somewhere for tourism, agencies provide tourism service to them, and in return, agencies charge them. This earns the travel agencies millions.
A travel agency is a great scope for new entrepreneurs in business, especially after lockdown. Because from last approx two years no one is going to visit any place & as soon as the lockdown will over then everyone will find some excellent & cheap travel agencies so that they can plan their tour.

To start a travel agency business, The first thing you need to do is arrange money. In this business, you have to invest at least 10 lakh rupees. If you want, you can join hands with some other companies in this. To do this business, you must have an office where you can meet your customers. But the unique thing about this business is that if you are thinking of starting this business from home, that too can be done. In this, you have to invest only 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

Fashion Designer

As the name “Fashion Designing” suggests, those who design things or give a new attractive shape to something give such a new beautiful design that people’s eyes shine on seeing.

In this business, you have to design Clothes, Dresses, Shoes, Cycle design etc. Companies only pay you to make designs; companies hire different people to make things. So if you are creative and are interested in all these, you can make your career in Fashion Designing. I am saying this because we can perform well in the field in which we are interested.

The demand for fashion designers is also increasing, so there will be a lot of scope for this course in future.

Due to lack of knowledge, many people understand that the work of a fashion designer is like a tailor who sews clothes, while this thing is wrong. The job of a fashion designer is only to design different types of clothes, give them a new look.
If you want to do a job as a fashion designer, companies decide the salary of a fashion designer based on their qualification. Initially, you will get 15 to 20 thousand a month, but if you are creative, your salary will gradually keep increasing if you want, you can also start your own business In which you will get more profit.


So, I am telling you about a new and different way to earn money from photography. Suppose you have just a little knowledge, which we are going to provide you. With this information, you can easily earn money sitting at home. We are telling you how to make money through photography. You, too, can easily reach thousands of rupees by doing this work. I am listing some websites where you can upload your creative images to make money online.


Expect these if you want to take photography & videography as your career option, then its the best time to do that. In future, there are the potential of the photography & videography business will boom. Only one thing will

Security Agency

You must have seen that the demand for personal security is increasing more and more and many people are putting safety in their office, house etc. Whether it is to maintain order or security in multiplexes, societies, factories, malls and significant events, security personnel are needed. In such a situation, you can make an excellent way to earn money by starting a security company.

The process to open a security agency is not very big. But, yes, you have to be ready to spend some hard work and some money on this. The earning potential by opening security is vast in the coming days. There is no doubt about this.

Paper Products Manufacturing

The total cost to start this business depends on the machine you have purchased. If you want to start your business with a manual machine, then for this you need around Rs 20,000 along with the necessary materials. But if you want to start your business with automatic machine, then at least its cost will be Rs 40,000 to 50,000. It is worth mentioning that the production of automatic machine will be better than manual machine.

If you keep one plate for 80 paise and give 100 plates in a packet, it will cost Rs 80. The same plate will be sold in retail for Re 1, and the shopkeeper will profit 20 paise. You can also sell it in the form of retail. If you are making two or three quality plates, you can sell them by naming them at your convenience.

Here I am mentioning some other small business ideas you can start after lock down in India.


There is an ancient history of Handicrafts, i.e. hand made goods and their business. India has already been rich in artistic talent. The real cultural wisdom of the nation has been shown from time to time by the people associated with Handicrafts. Today, this business has been a means of earning a livelihood to lakhs of crores of people in our country. You will find handicrafts with different designs in every state and their cities. From big shopping markets to roadside carts and shops, people do business in their way in almost every primary market of the country. About 95 per cent of the people associated with this business come from rural areas. From whom the country gets its real identity.

Q. How much do you need to start your handicraft Business?
Ans. It depends on your budget, planning. But the best thing about this business is that you can do it without buying a shop or store. You can keep them in a small space in your own home. Or, if someone does a handicraft business, then you can tie up with him and do your work with him online.

Q. How to promote your business online?
Ans. Today everything has gone online from online business to online promotion and payment. You can also take the help of any social media platform. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many people promote themselves in this. Apart from this, you can also create your website. Or you can also make an app for your handicraft product by paying some money to the app developer.

Gift Store

You can open a gift store in your area if your area does not have many gift stores. Also, to be successful in this small business, you have to be very picky. Females usually choose the best gifts. So, before taking material for your business from a whole seller, you should keep some females with you who will help you choose the best gifts for your business. To start this business, you should have a small store with selected eye-catching items. You can also list your store at google my business & also tie up with Amazon or Flipkart to promote your business and get orders from your local area and all over India.

Insurance Agent

Insurence agent job is one of the evergreen job running from decades and its potential I don’t think will reduce in future. Previously agents only tried to sell LICs. They had limited options. But nowadays, the best thing is that agents have a lot more option to sell. Insurance agents nowadays sell different types of insurance, Mutual Funds, LICs, help their customers get different loans, etc. So, it will be good if you can start this business part-time or full time. Only thing is required is that you should have good contacts with peoples. To start this business, you do not have to invest a lot.

Fashion Boutique

We have already discussed the fashion designing business & we have also told you how profitable the fashion industry is and in the future its potential is increasing day by day. One & only one thing that is required is that you have to be very creative to overcome your business competition.

Computer Trainer

I don’t think I have to say anything about this business. If you are aware of the internet industry, you should probably understand how profitable the computer training industry is. But time is changing very fast. You should teach some unique things in your computer classes. Like Digital Marketing, Blogging, How anyone can earn money online etc. In this way, students will be attracted to you. If you only do the same thing that others do, then the chances are meagre to succeed.

To start this business, you should need a small internet cafe type area with 2 to 3 computers (More is always good) with a good internet connection. The best thing is that you can start this business in your home only.

Dairy and Sweets Shop

The cost of starting this business can range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. In this business, you need to invest in sweets-making equipment, license, registration, raw material for making sweets, etc.

This business earns you the most during the time of festivals. Because people buy sweets at festivals, you can earn up to 1 lakh rupees per month from this business. And in the festive season, this figure can be doubled.

Driving School

To open a car driving school, you must first register for a car driving school. To run a car driving school, you will also have to get a car driving certificate.

You must have a license both to run a car driving school and to teach car driving. If you want, you can also register online to open a car driving school.

One trick I am sharing with you to increase your business potential is that we all know that within the coming five years, everyone will start buying & purchasing electric vehicles. But till now very few people are there who give tuitions to students how to ride electric vehicles. So if you start giving tuition to your students in your driving school about the electric vehicle, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Online Green Products Store

Toy Shop

Used Car Dealership

Chocolate making

Building Materials

Mobile Fast Food Van

Gift Baskets Business Idea

Ice Cream Shop

E – Friend

Paan Shop

Gym Trainer

Vehicle Service Center

Swimming instructor

Sports Coaching

Hobby Class

Juice Shop

Conclusions on New Business Ideas After Lockdown In India With Low Investment

Whatever business you choose from the list to start, you should not think you can succeed very quickly in any industry. In all types of business, you will face some competition. In some massive business competition & any other business, you may encounter small competition. So, to overcome your competition & difficulties, you have to take decisions carefully & you also should be consistent on what you are doing. But, if you can consistently add value to your customer’s life, then no one can stop you from becoming a successful businessman.

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