Best Investment Plan in India for Middle Class with High Return.

Best Investment Plan to Become Crorepati
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If you are looking for best investment plan for middle class peoples who are trying to get high returns then this article is for you. When we are running an entire blog on Becoming a crorepati in India, it’s our responsibility to write a whole researched article on best investment plan in India available for middle-class people with high returns.

So, there are various types of short term investment options available & also multiple types of long term investment plans available to gain some higher return. But the main thing is you need to find out which investment plant will suits you well. Please keep in mind that there is nothing like the best investment plan. The investment plan which suits you well will be the best investment plan for you. We have already shared what you should follow at your early age (20s) to become a CrorePati & what can be your best futuristic career option to become a crorepati.

So, Let’s come to the main topic: how will you define what investment will suit you & what will be your best investment strategy?

What will be the best investment strategy?

So, in selecting the best investment strategy, Whenever we use the word “Strategy”, very people confused to understand the difference between an Investment goal & an Investment Plan or strategy. 

In simple words, “GOAL” is a destination where you wants to reach, but strategy or plan is how you will get to that point. Strategy tells you how you will move through all the hardels to go to your goal. 

When we are talking about the best investment strategy, is there any LAW or process behind it? 


It’s a guide on how you will choose your best investment strategy. So, what can be different parameters depend on you will choose your best investment plan? 

Different parameters depend on you will choose your best investment plan?

  • Risk Appetite – Depending upon your risk appetite, your investment plan can change. 
  • Goals – It can also depend on your goals. Goals can be short term goal, Medium-term goal or long term goal etc.
  • Time Horizon – It can also depend on your Time Horizon. It can be a short time horizon or a long term time horizon etc.

Before choosing the best investment plan, be sure that anyone’s best investment strategy may not be your’s best investment plan. Everyone’s investment plan can be different based on the various parameters mentioned above. So, before choosing the best investment plan for you, you need to understand “KYS – Know your Self”.

What is KYS over KYC – 

Yes, I wrote “KYS”, not “KYC”. KYC is to know your customer or know your client & that is done by businesses to understand their client, but KYS is to know yourself. To pick the best investment plan for you, you need to understand yourself first.

Parameters of KYS – Know yourself-

Age: Based on your age, your Investment strategy can vary. If you are a teenager or younger, you can take high risk & your investment can be high risk to get a higher return. Investing in high-risk stocks or high-risk funds (Small Cap mutual fund) can provide you better returns than any other Mid Cap or Large Cap funds.

Time Horizon: If you want to invest for a longer time, let’s say more than 20 years, you don’t think you will get better equity results in equity fund than Debt fund? 

Of course, Yes.

Your investment plan can be changed based on your time horizon as I already shared, how long you are investing is much more important than how much you are investing.

best investment plan with

Nos of Dependents: If you have fewer dependents, then your risk-taking capacity can be high. More numbers of dependents always reduce the risk-taking ability of a person.

Income – I do not need to tell much more about income as the best investment plan criteria. If your income is high, you can always invest more & can take high risk in your investment plan, but if your earning potential is less, you should think twice before investing in high-risk investment plans.

Risk Profile: Based on these parameters mentioned above, You can check your risk profile. There are many online tools available to measure risk profile. Based on your risk profile, you can choose your best investment plan.

Based on the risk parameters we have discussed, there are multiple investment strategies available. It would help if you chose from those investment options as per your suitability. Here we have collaborated on different kinds of Investment plans available in India as an Infographic based on short term & long term orientation.

Best Investment Plan for Short Term Orientation lets say 1 year for INDIANS:

best investment plan for middle class peoples

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Best Investment Plan for Long Term Orientation lets say more than 20 years for INDIANS:

best investment plan for long term basis

You Can always use this infographic for your website without any hesitation. We don’t encourage you to just download & upload this image for your blog post. Use below mentioned code to add this Best Investment Plan for Long Term for Indians Infographic to your website.

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Till now, we have discussed how you will choose your best investment strategy based on “KYS – Know yourself”. Now we will discuss selecting the best investment strategy based on “KYM – Know your Market”. To select a good strategy that will give you a better return, you must research first before investing. So, how will you do the market research to pick the best investment plan we will discuss below.

Let’s move forward. Now, we will discuss what the demography of our populations is? What are their spending habits? And if spending habits changed for the peoples, who are those companies benefited out of this?

So, our job is to find out these types of companies is benefiting from changing day to day life habits of peoples & also benefiting from spending habits of peoples. So, if we can invest in those companies, we can expect an excellent yearly return.

To select a good strategy that will give you a better return, you must research first before starting investing. So, how will you research the market to pick the best investment plan we will discuss below.

Let’s understand the demographics of India.

So, if you don’t know the Indian population, I am sure that you came to know the population of India after listening to Modi Ji’s speech.

“Mere 125 cr desbasio :p”

But that is like way back. Now It’s approx. 139 CRS. But if we check closely. GDP numbers are not increasing that much, but our populations are growing.

Now the question is, what is the split of the populations. Split is that currently, at 2021, Nearly 55% of the Indian population is expected to join the middle-class ranks. By research, it is confirmed that in every ten years, approximately 1% to 2% of people change their class from either Lowest to Lower Middle class or Lower Middle Class to Upper Middle class. And it will be not shocking news that in 10 years 1 to 2% percentage of peoples will move from upper middle class to highest category of the society. And the percentage of shifting from a lower income group to a higher income group is rapidly increasing nowadays.

So, Who belongs to which class category.

As per the current scenario, if you are earning approx Rs. 250 per day, then you belong to the poor category. If you are earning Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 per day, then you belong to the lower-middle-class class. If your making is 1100 to 1700 per day, you belong to a middle-class family. If your earnings exceed 2500 per day, you will fall into an upper-middle-class family.

Hopefully, you have understood which category you are falling into now. As I have already told, within every ten years, 1% to 2% of peoples moved from a lower class to upper category. So, how they increasing their category level? Have you thought about it before?

The first & foremost reason is Good Education. In India, peoples are investing more & more nowadays. Educated people are capable of earning more & can move from a class to another upper-level class.

Another reason can be Globalization. Nowadays more & more foreign companies are investing in India & setting up manufacturing plants. You can check recent news of TESLA setting up their plant in India for electric cars. More & more businesses set up in India more & more employment will generate & peoples can dream of becoming a lakhpati to crorepati.

Also, why you are always running behind for employment? You can start your own venture. Nowadays, there are various types of loans facility available in India with lower interest rate. You can take benefit of these types of loans. This helps India to move forward & how peoples are moving forward, we can check by their spending pattern per capita.

The per private final consumption expenditure (PFCE) for 2020-21 was estimated at Rs 85,348, just a little more than the spending in 2018-19 when it was Rs 84,567, measured at current prices. Let’s understand where people are increasing their spending when changing their category from lower-income to higher-income groups.

As per market research where people are increasing their spending’s?

Clothing & Footwear: 

Who does not wants to look good. It’s everyone’s choice to look good. So, approx. An increment of 10% of spendings observed in the Clothing & footwear categories.


When you are earning more then you are working more & more. And you don’t have enough time to spend on your health. Also nowadays unnatural foods & eating behaviour increases chances of different types of health issues. So, It’s seen that approx—17% growth in spendings of an individual.


As per research, there has been a 14% growth in the education sector. If you want to think about how rapidly it’s increasing, then think about Buyjus. An education app like byju’s can sponsor the Indian cricket team, what amount of funding they might have got. And when an investor is investing in this type of companies like byju’s, it is clearly understood that the investor also thinks that there is the possibility of growth in that particular sector.


And approx growth of 7% in the communication sector. You can clearly understand the JIO move. If I share my personal experience, I typically recharge approx. Rs. One hundred per month to my mobile number but now I recharge much more to keep active my number & my internet using habits also increased. Previously, I used to use 1 GB for a whole month, & now 1 GB per day is shortening. You can understand my spending’s on the communication category increased. These are top lists where spending’s on individual increased in the last few years. 

Why am I sharing these statistics with you?

you need to understand these statistics before choosing your best investment plan. It would help if you chose these sectors where peoples are spending more & more & in the coming few years people will spend more. You need to invest your money in these growing sectors to become a crorepati.

Spending Pattern of average indians
sector wise spending to make strategy

I’ve shown the cumulative consumer spending pattern of BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa).

Example of one of the growing sector where you should invest to become a crorepati:

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of the automobile. India’s focus towards EVs includes all vehicles, i.e. two-, three- and four-wheelers. The electric two and three-wheelers volume are expected to account for 8-10 per cent and 30 per cent of new vehicle sales in the country by 2025. So you can easily understand that how EV markets can boom within the coming few years.

So, What should be your ideal way of best investment plan in this scenario.

It would be best if you found out which companies will book more profits in this booming markets of Ev’s. Find out the companies are started manufacturing Electric Vehicles.

OEMScheduled Launch
Maruti Suzuki2020
Tata Motors2020
MG Motors2019
Mahindra & Mahindra2019
Jaguar Land Rover2020

So, by this chart, you can now easily understand that you are already late if you have not started investing in these companies. Don’t just wait anymore & start investing as soon as possible.

When these companies grow, many subsidiary companies or companies related to the Electric vehicle market will also grow. So, your next task is to find out those companies who will benefit from growing the EV markets & Electric Vehicle manufacturing companies.

As an example, what are the essential things required to manufacture the electric vehicle? Before going forward, think. This will increase your thinking power of how to choose the right investment strategy.

The essential part is the battery. Without the best batteries, the electric cars project will not be successful. So, now find out the best battery manufacturing companies in India. There are the two best manufacturing companies available in India. Like – Amar Raja Battery & Excide Industries. You can invest in these companies as well. 

The main motive is to find out your best investment plan & how to choose companies where your money will grow much faster than other stocks or investments.

How to invest in these companies as a RISK-Free?

Now the companies you have selected for investment may be all the companies will not grow as well as per your expectation. Also, if you are buying these companies stock, then there is a high possibility that one or more companies will lose in this EV market. Reasons may be anything. There is significantly less chance that all companies will make a profit in this EV vehicle project.

So, to reduce your investment risk, you may invest in mutual funds investing in the electric vehicle market. One of the best fund investing in the auto sector is UTI Transporation & Logistic Fund.

You can also try smallcase which may provide you better results than mutual funds.

Small Case VS Mutual Funds – Which is better for your best investment plan strategy?

Smallcases are a new way to invest in stocks. A smallcase is an intelligently weighted basket of up to 50 stocks that reflects a theme, idea or strategy. Smallcases are created & managed by SEBI Registered Professionals. Smallcases are similar to Mutual Funds but come with lower handling costs, higher transparency, no lock-in period, and better ownership perks. The best investment plan may be investing in Electric Mobility through smallcase (Companies driving India’s transition to electric vehicles. Transport’s new era).


We have tried to consider all possible ways to start investing & choose best investment Plan which help you make you crorepati & you will achieve your financial freedom much firster. When we are talking about the best investment plan & if we don’t touch upon the most trending topic of today’s scenario, it will be not fair to you all.

And that is cryptocurrencies. If your risk-taking ability is high, then you can also try your luck with cryptocurrencies. We have written a complete article on making money with cryptocurrency. You can go through the article if you don’t know anything about cryptos or wants to update your knowledge about cryptocurrencies. We have shared how you become a crorepati in India investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

So, the main thing to remember is to don’t just follow the other’s investment plan & try to make your best investment plan based on the parameters mentioned in the article. We continuously invest lots of time before writing a complete article. So, if you liked this article or have gained some knowledge on choosing the best investment plan in India, you can share it with all your friends & families. By sharing this article, you will also be a part of our mission of making every Indian crorepati.

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