Best Investment Plan For Salaried Person In India With Pritam Datta

Best investment plan for salaried plan for salaried person in India
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If we are talking about the best investment plan for salaried person in India, you need to understand the basics of investing & saving. There are many investment plan for salaried person in India, but whatever investment plan suits you best will depend upon your investment procedure & investment goals. So it would be best if you remembered that The investment plan that suits you well would be the best. We have already shared what you should follow at your early age (20s) to become a CrorePati & what can be your best futuristic career option to become a crorepati.

Before going forward with the best investment plan for a salaried person in India, you should go through the article Best Investment Plan in India for Middle Class with High Returns. In this article, we have tried to cover all the investment-related tactics one should follow if one belongs to a middle-class family.

So, for a salaried person, one should start for investment as early as possible in his life. Because as salaried people, we need to make a handsome corpus before our retirement to spend our retirement life without thinking about money& making a handsome corpus before retirement is not as easy as it looks like. There are very few people who have achieved their Financial Freedom at an early age. So we need to work on that & start investing as early as possible. 

As per my personal finance experience, if you are in your twenties, you may already be capable of earning something handy & you should start your investment journey today only. Because most probably in every article I share that how long you are investing is much more important than how much you are investing. If you are in your thirties or forties, then do not waste your time by thinking you should start investing or not. Just be in touch with our CrorePati blog & our blog will help you make a sound investment strategy to achieve your financial independence. We have already discussed how investing can be one of the best sources of passive income & one of the primary essential aspects of earning from investments is to invest in stocks or equities.

Below we are listing some techniques & strategies for best financial planning for salaried employee. 

  1. Best financial planning for salaried employee for long-term perspective.
  2. Best investment plan in india for short term perspective.
  3. Investment plan for salaried person for any goal orientation.

Investment Plan For Salaried Person For A Long-Term Perspective:

As a salaried person, your first choice should be to secure yours after retirement life. To secure your retirement life, you should start investing with a very long-term perspective with a proper calculated plan. For example, let’s assume your age is 25 years & at the age of 60, you need an excellent handsome amount in your hand to achieve your financial freedom & to spend your retirement life without thinking about the money. So, we request you to go through the 5 Mantras of Long Term Investment & best Investment strategy for long-term orientation for a salaried person.

5 Mantras of Long Term Investment:

What to Buy or Where to Invest?

If you are planning for long-term investment, then the essential part is where to invest or if you want to invest in stocks, then before investing, you should always check the history & geography of the company you are going to buy the stock. I mean to say that you should always check the fundamentals of the stocks before long-term stock investment.

When you check the stocks of any company for the long term, then the company should be no one or no two in its business & the company’s business model should be clear to everyone. In addition, there should be good profit without any debt & company should working & making profit steadily from his inception. These are simple facts you should always check before investing in the stock of any company on a long-term basis.

When to Buy or When to Invest?

When buying the stock of any company is the 2nd essential part of the stock market investing long-term for salaried people. Maybe you have analyzed the fundamental of any stock & selected that you are going to invest in any particular stock. Now when you are thinking of buying stock for that specific company running an all-time high price. Just do not invest quickly by seeing the stock’s returns in the last one month or six months. By fundamental analysis, you can select which stock to invest in and determine when to invest; you need to do stock technical analysis. The best time to invest in any stock is approximately 50% to 60% less price compared to the stock’s all-time high price.

Be Patient But Not Lazy:

When you are investing for the long term, you have to be patient to select the stock. The patient is one of the keys to success. Also, after the investment is made, do not look every day at what percentage you have earned day to day basis. For example, let’s say you have invested for min 5 to 10 years. Do you think you only get good news about the stock you have invested in?

Ofcourse not.

The stock market is volatile. So do not panic by seeing any short-term bad news of the company, but this does not mean that you will be too lazy to track the company’s fundamentals. If you see any significant change in the company’s fundamentals, you have to rethink the stock’s current position.

Reasonable Return Expectation:

If you have invested for the long term in any company stock, then the stock should be from the large-cap category. Then your expectation should be reasonable. If you have invested in a company & the company has given 60% to 70% return in just a year, then it does not mean that company will continue its growth at this speed. If a company has given a good return, then the company may do a flat performance for a couple of months or maybe do a price correction in the future. So, keep your expectation reasonable. If you get a max 30% return from any long-term stock investment, you have to accept that the returns are reasonable & you should be satisfied with that.

Choose An Alternative Plan To Spend Your Time:

If we are talking about a salaried person, then the salaried person can skip this point. Because of how much time he gets after completing his official job, only a salaried person can know. Even a salaried person sometimes can not get time to spend with their family.

But if you whole & sole is investing & earning from investing is one & only source of income, you should choose any other job or follow your passion for spending your spare time.

If you have intentionally selected a long-term investment, you have to spend your time doing any other job or pursue your hobby or passion.

But, on the other hand, if you love to learn about investing, you can start sharing your personal investing strategy or finance tips to other persons to learn something important from you. And if it is possible to make some extra passive income by follwoing your passion, it will also be good to maintain your cash flow.

Low Risk & Safe Investment Plans for Salaried Person In India

Now, most probably, you have understood the top points you should consider if you have selected long-term istock market investment intentionally. But if you want to play a safer side, then there are also some Best Investment Plan For Salaried Person In India.

Invest Through Systemetic Investment Plan:

Investing through SIP can be a great tool for best financial planning for salaried employee. So, if you start with Rs. 3000 per month SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investment & you continue to invest for 35 years (Upto your 60 years of age) & your rate of income will increase every year. So, if you raise your SIP investment 10% annually &, let’s say you, in the long term, only achieved a 12% percentage rate of return annually. Then after 35 years of long-time investment with just a 10% annual increment of your SIP amount, the total amount will become Rs. 3,37,89,630 (Three Core thirteen seven lakes eighty-nine thousand & six-thirty rupees only). If you still do not believe that how much corpus you can make with long-term orientation with just a SIP investment, you can click on the link of the SIP calculator & do the calculation by yourself. If you have some lumpsum amount, you can also invest in any good Mid or flexi cap mutual fund & this can be one of the best ways to invest five lakhs in India.

SIP with Annual Increase Amount Invested Summary:

YearSIP Amount / MonthInvested Amount / YearTotal Invested Amount

So, by this SIP with Annual Increase Amount Invested Summary, you can understand that in 35 years, you will invest Rs. 34,02,000 (Approx thirty-four lakes) & after 35 years, the total amount will become Rs. 3,37,89,630 (Three Core thirteen seven lakes eighty-nine thousand & six-thirty rupees only). So by now, you should understand the power of compounding. If you calculate the total growth by percentage, the entire growth is 93.5% & only 6.5% is the total SIP amount invested.

So, now you have understood that if you start investing with a long-term perspective, how much you can make with a small amount of investment regularly. So, if you want to start investing through a systematic investment plan for long-term orientation, you should start investing in a combination of mutual funds of Large Cap, Mid Cap & small-cap. Because as you are investing in a long-term perspective, you can take much more risk than a person investing in a short-term outlook. So, investing in equity shares through different mutual funds can be one of the best investment plans for a salaried person in India.

Best Investment Plan for Long Term Orientation for Indian Salaried Person:

Best Investment Plan For Salaried Person In India (Long Term Perspective).
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Investment Plan For Salaried Person For Short-Term Perspective:

When we are talking about best saving plan for short term, then you can start learning to trade; if you can love & understand the basics of trading & how professional traders are making a good amount of money on a short-term basis, this can be a good best saving plan for short term perspective. But for a quick tip for all salaried persons. “Do not hamper your official job to learn & to do trading day to day basis.”

Also, we have collaborated on some investment strategies from a short-term perspective. Do check the below infographic.

Best investment plan in india for short term
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Investment Plan For Salaried Person For Any Goal Orientation:

If you are investing for any goal, saving money to buy a home or a car, children’s education or marriage, etc. You should invest your approximately 50% money in a safer hand like Fixed Deposits or Public Provident fund, senior citizen savings scheme, real estate, gold ETF, RBI Bonds, etc. Another 25% of the money you can invest in Large Cap Mutual Funds, and the last 25% of money can buy Nifty 50 stocks or go ahead with Mid or Flexi cap mutual funds.

Conclusion on Best Investment Plan For Salaried Person in India:

I hope you have learned something new from our article. If you like the article, do not forget to share it with your friends & family members.

The main conclusion for Investment Plan For Salaried Person in India is that you should think twice before any risky investments if you are a salaried person. Also, if you have decided from a long-term perspective, you can go with risky ones like stock market investment, but you should also create another backup plan for your future.

Please do not put all your investments EGGS in one basket, Distribute it to live a financially free life.

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