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Crorpati.com is not only a Finance & Investing blog, but it is a dream to become a crorepati of every Indian. It is a passion to provide the right strategy to invest your hard-earned money to become a multi-millionaire. There is no 2nd thought on this that everyone wants to become a crorepati. It is everyone’s dream, but how many of us really achieved our financial freedom? So, Crorepati blog started with the passion for making your dream turn true.

As of 2nd June 2021, I am the only person behind this Finance & Investing blog. I research every possible topic to make our wealth with as little as investment strategy & make a good return out of it. How long you have invested is much more important to make your wealth than how much you have invested. In this post on Value of Time, I have shared how time is more important in the investment world.

As Morgan Housel shared in his one of the article the most overlooked fact about how Warren Buffett amassed his fortune, says money expert that Currently, at 90, Mr Warren Buffett has a net worth of more than $81 billion. A large portion of that, however, was accumulated after his 50th birthday. And $70 billion came after he qualified for Social Security benefits in his mid-60s.

Also, Harland Sanders, Better known as Colonel Sanders, the man behind the world’s favourite fried chicken chain, KFC, didn’t initially become successful until he was 66. And I don’t think that I should mention how much worth of estimated value KFC has currently. Just for your information, KFC is now the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s.

I hope you have understood what is more important to become a successful investor & become a billionaire. Its PATIENCE & NEVER ENDING ATTITUDE. So, don’t be distracted from your goal. Keep walking towards your goal & don’t stop until you reach it.

Who is Pritam Datta?

Pritam Datta is an Engineer by Profession & Blogger by Passion. I started blogging in the year 2015. If you want to read know more about me, you can visit my portfolio blog at timesofindustry.com. Also, I have shared my Childhood & Life Journey So Far (Blogging & Engineering). As a blogger, I have featured in some industry-standard blogs & websites as I participated in Round-Ups & shared my article as a guest post.

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