I’m Pritam Datta – Engineer by Profession and Blogger by Passion.​

I am a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, and a Blogger cum Youtuber from Joy, Kolkata, India. Crorpati.com is a proudly part of timesofindustry.com. 

At Crorepati.com, as the name suggests, we share articles on How to become a Crorepati & get financial independence at an early age. This blog is the complete guide for achieving your financial goals through strategic investment plans & consistency.

As per our personal experience & reading lots of financial books & listening lots of Podcasts, we came to conclusions that to be a crorepati & Achieve Financial Freedom, you only have to maintain three steps in your life. The Three Golden Steps are Earn More, Save More & Spend Less. So now, how you should maintain these three steps in your life to get Financial Independence, you should click on each step below to learn more.

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